3 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

10 out of 10

           145TH BLOG -->>

        Now If I'll apologize to cheat you all for being out from my blog from so many days..It will be wrong...If I dont apologize then too I'm ashamed of being out without intimating..The reason for being far from the blog was the Festival-HOLI..The decoration of house..The preparation for the festival..Hunting for the happiness..Meeting up the friends and relatives..Participating in the festival doesn't allow to move from it and matriculate yourself somewhere else..So I was far away from the Activity of blogging..I'm not bored of Blogging..Thats the universal fact you all would be aware of...Nor I'm lacking in the thoughts that My words are over to write and express here...It is said a Normal Human Brain goes through 60,000 and more thoughts in a day...So how can I lack in thoughts? No Chance..Finally this week, Karthik Calling Karthik-A film by brilliant director FARHAN AKHTAR is out...and Teen Patti -A film by superstar-AMITABH BACHCHAN is out..So people had a good chance to enjoy and hang over with both of these films..Its so interesting that a director and his team works just to entertain people...A writer writes his books to entertain people..An actor acts for hours regularly just to satisfy his fans..and a blogger like me update his blogs just to give something to his friends...This all is a behaviour of having impact on the people around you..If you are a fan of watching movies, just imagine No movies released in a year..If you are a fan of reading newspapers, just imagine No newspapers published for 365 days..If you are a reader, just imagine No new novel from your favourite author..It is so hard..Am I right? Of course..So the people like this who work hard day and night to entertain us should be respected, appreciated and honoured..

              Today, in the 3rd lecture, Madam came to our class for distributing our Unit Test's paper which we gave on 22nd February without any will to perform..and the Assignment 2..The first paper was out and the marks scored was 1..then the second paper and the marks was 2...I was smiling because I already knew that there was no one who performed the BEST in this...But madam saw me showing my teeth..She got mad watching this..and Said "What are you laughing? Now even your marks will be revealed.." Just after this she said "ROLL NO. 12" Oh My God..Just before some seconds she intimated me of the danger and it was here..She said after noticing me standing up at Roll No.12 ,"Dekha aa bhi gaya..5 out of 40.." And I thought ,"WOW!! Highest till now in the class"..Just after this It was Arya's Paper getting divulged and it was 6 out of 40...And Now I wasn't the highest..Uff..Hahaha...Then she distributed Assignments...After the last assignment was handed to its writer..I observed that My assignment was missing..I worriedly and hurriedly attacked madam with the emphasis on the words,"Mam, I haven't received my assignment". I was worried bcoz I was the only boy who submitted his assignment on time on the day of Monday one week ago..and everyone in the class submitted their assignment collaboratedly after the deadline..So I thought Mines was lost as it was Laawaris...But then Madam said,"Your name is Abhilash naa..I have your assignment with me." Now my blood started flowing with its twice speed as I thought,"Was my assignment GOOD or BAD? Why isn't it with me? Why have madam kept it with herself? " After this useless thoughts , I observed with a hem that madam opened her file and showed me my effort-My assignment..and then said, " I have kept this assignment with me because He has scored 10 out of 10. The perfect assignment..With out a mistake..Without a flaw..A flawless assignment..If you write the answer in this way in the paper, you will score Out of Out..No chance of getting your marks chopped..And Abhilash I'm not going to give your assignment as it will be with me and if you want..Take a Xerox of it..and if anybody want to see how the assignment is written Come and See..And Clap for the boy for his good effort.." Everyone CLAPPED...I just want to thank Madam...and want to thank all my classmates(CONDITIONS APPLIED).

               Majority of my classmates have always supported me..Whenever I have participated in something..Whenever I performed an unfledged behaviour..Whenever I stood up for giving a wrong answer unknowingly...Whenever I was in an controversy and polemic situation..I don't think that anyone can get such a good classmates for 3 years...I'm just thankful to all of you...And Now talking about this 10 out of 10..Till now whatever tests has been taken in the class..Exams..and every assignments ....Nobody have scored OUT OF OUT in any of the tests...This is the first time when someone has scored OUT OF OUT...And Im very happy for this..It feels so good when you are given OUT OF OUT..This shows that you are the perfect in the effort you made..But this also pressurize you to perform in consistency...Its very hard..But not hoping for more...Because Hoping for more sometimes gives you pain when you don't achieve it..

               Today I completed Arindam Chaudhury's DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOU..Excellent book..59 pages...which takes 59 minutes to complete it...A book which gets over in 1 HOUR and motivates you so much that you want to move your ass from your seat and go get the world in your control..I just loved the book..5 out of 5 ..I would rate it...Now just don't ask me for the book..Because I don't want to give..I never like to share my books and Movie collections with anyone..Not even with my father..So please dont demand for the book..If you want..Then 30 rupees reading charges as the book stallers do..I want to be Ambani..Want to do business..Why to give it you to read it for free.So pay the respective price..and take it to read...Now Im again back with Rich Dad Poor DAD...The remaining part..

            Chalo bye...Otherwise my only dad..Who is both for me - RICH and POOR..will kick me out..and scram me...


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Vijay Pawar said...

Waah mere bhaai...U r the only one in my life I have seen who have achieved so much in one year..as u were never a scholar of such type in ur school days as u have told me 3 years back...No normal guy can achieve so muchh..I m proud of being a person in your contact..and coming to your blog quality...the gap of 5 days have improved you...Nice big blog..I loved the length and execution of matter...keep growing..


Writing Buddha said...

Vijay, thanks a lot...and yaar itni taareef nahi...I cant bear it...Im not so big..in fact..im not big..this is all bcoz of you all..the day u al will ignore me..this blog will be a loser..and so will I..so this is all bcoz of gud frnds like u all..

Suresh Chopra said...

ur blog r too good..... be careful.... limit these blog's so that they r always perfect.... and people should die to read ur blog's..... tc....

Writing Buddha said...

Hey suresh thanks..aur limit the blog matlab?

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