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The Strongman's Daughter by Madhuri Iyer (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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After a long time, I picked up a novel to read as my examination got over. I am highly satisfied with my choice for the book I picked to get back to reading. The book is written by Ms. Madhuri Iyer named "The Strongman's Daughter". I had liked the first book written by her very much named "Manhattan Mango". And I don't even remember to how many friends I have already recommended it. I had lots of expectations with the authoress and I can happily claim that this is another good book written by her with so many emotions, twists and turns that you are always excited to know what is going to happen next in the life of the protagonist, Aditi Narvekar.

There are few writers who write only about the rich society just like how Zoya Akhtar always create movies for the same class of people. Both the sisters, Anita Shirodkar and Madhuri Iyer are also doing the same in the field of literature. Haha! This book is about the relationship between the father and the daughter. Father is the CM of Goa who is the most powerful man in the area. He have already decided that his daughter is going to be the successor in politics for him. But as usual, the daughter doesn't want to get into politics but some situations lead her to join hands with her father's biggest rival and the story unfolds just like a Bollywood movie.

The premise of the story could have made this book sound unrealistic and over the imagination kind of content but fortunately, authoress haven't written a single scene which felt like an unwanted addition or exaggerated formation of the situation. The characterizations are perfect and you can think from everyone's point of view. The way Aditi is fighting for herself; the way Maithili have given herself totally to the CM without thinking that he is her best friend's father; the way Raj Dias enters the story and becomes a great part of it; the little cameos of Steve and Sonam; and the big ego of Mr. CM etc- every character have played a part which will make you remember their names even after weeks of reading the book.

Overall, author have done justice to this saga of a young girl's clash against her father. The book is a perfect page-turner. I liked reading about what might happen behind the closed door of such rich families. What more does this person needs who likes to know the internal matters of every household? Haha! I give the book 4 stars out of 5.



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