10 January 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Small Steps to Big Reading by Hozefa A. Bhinderwala (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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I have been reviewing and mentioning books in my blog and tweets from a long time just for a reason that I need people to read books as much as possible. My inclination towards Indian authors is also for the same reason that I started by reading them and hence, I feel every new Indian reader will be able to relate to what Indian authors try to speak in their book. There are many people who still try to run away from reading even though they know that there is nothing bigger and interesting than reading books. For such people, Mr. Hozefa A. Bhinderwala have written a book named "Small Steps to Big Reading" which also has the tagline: Converting non-readers into readers. I would like to mention Bloomsbury publisher here for publishing this great book written by Hozefa as it is very necessary for people to understand the reasons why they are running away from reading and the methods to overcome the dilemma.

Hozefa have written this book in a very simple language which makes it easy for you to read it in one sitting. The book is only about 120 pages and hence it can be easily read within 2 hours. The purpose of the writer has been to share the methods and ways through which non-readers or demotivated readers can get back to reading very easily without feeling it an extra-burden in their routine. I have liked how author have explained things with which you will very easily relate because we have all gone through the same. The figures and diagrams in between of the paragraphs makes the point of the author more clear. Also the methods and experiments that the author have asked us to implement is easy and possible and sounds effective. 

I was personally very interested with the author's claim of reading in fast pace without worrying about the parts which remains unclarified in the process of reading. He has told it very precisely about how while reading slowly, the body needs extra efforts to concentrate on the words and fit it in our mind. While when we read fastly, we tend to read between the lines etc. Author have cleared many doubts and myths in an impressive manner throughout the book.

The book is written like a newspaper articles which is meant to be read and shared with others whom you feel need the suggestion/advise urgently. The only drawback about the book I feel is the lack of live examples. Author could have added real examples of how non-readers applied his methods and in what duration they turned into a regular reader. Also, author should have spoken about different genres of books which could have helped non-readers to understand which genre is of their interest. Otherwise, I believe that this book is the need of the hour to bring back all the people back to reading and also motivating the non-readers. But the bigger task for the author for now will be how to make non-readers pick his book first. Haha! I give this attempt 3.5* out of 5.



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