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An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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There are few personalities in Bollywood about whom you always feel like knowing because they carry some personal vibe with them. We assume that they have life behind the screens and cameras which has many things to tell to the people. One such personality is Karan Johar who has always been in news- either for his great work in movies or television or for his personality and frank statements that he keeps making in news every now and then. I have been excited for his autobiography since the announcement of it. It is named “An Unsuitable Boy” which is apt for the personality that Karan is.

As expected by readers, Karan Johar has covered all the topics such as his sexuality, his talk show, his relationship with SRK, Aditya and Kajol, his journey in Bollywood being son of a producer, his opinion about the changing times in the industry etc. The best part of the book is that Karan has never tried to be diplomatic while talking about anything. He has put his views and inner feelings straight forward. Also, he hasn’t shied away from giving the due credit to the people who have been involved in the upliftment of his career at different times. One of the most emotional parts of the book has been the section where Karan narrates the whole scenario before, during and after the death of his father and how it turned into a man from a boy overnight.

As a layman, we have been in the assumption that Yash Johar was very rich and Karan was born with a silver spoon. But it was great reading and knowing the financial challenges his father faced during his years in Bollywood and how his family was skeptic about him entering the industry. The school and college days are also defined very appropriately which actually makes Karan Johar feel that he is unsuitable in this society. What a child goes through in teen years because of being fat, girlish, imperfect etc. changes the whole lifestyle of the person. Karan talks about his father and mother with great respect whenever he mentions them which are surely going to be the inspiration for everyone reading this autobiography.

The whole DDLJ-making part till the KKHH release part, the way Karan evolved as a filmmaker with the confidence and trust provided by Aditya Chopra and Shahrukh Khan is nicely narrated by him and is one of the most interesting sections in this book. The only time Karan have been diplomatic or not fully clear while speaking something about himself in this book has been when he talks about his previous relationships and sexuality. He mentions other relationships frankly in the book but does not name any of his exes. Another drawback of the book is the repetition of few names and scenes again and again. It seemed as if Karan wanted to prove the point to those people through this book that he really acknowledges their contribution in his life. Similarly, he does not clearly narrate some part and leaves them in between and suddenly mentions the end of the whole scenario. These are few turn-offs in this book. Otherwise, it’s one of the most intriguing autobiographies I have read. I rate this one 4.25* out of 5 stars.



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