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Love & Peace by Abhishek Kothari (Book Review-3.9*/5) !!!

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There are few authors who attract fans with their first novel and then get lost somewhere in their own world. Not many of them return back and are known forever as “One Book Wonder”. There is one more author whom I considered the same.  ABHISHEK KOTHARI! His first book “A Feeling beyond Words” was released in 2010, almost 7 years back. I never thought the writer would bounce back with his 2nd book. Surprisingly, few weeks ago, he released his 2nd novel named “Love & Peace”. It is published by the same publication- Srishti.

Abhishek’s writing style has improved tremendously and not even once did I feel that this is just the 2nd book written by him. Every word and every sentence is used so perfectly that it makes the reading experience incredible. I am not a great fan of romance-genre written by Indian authors anymore because we get to read the one and the same thing time and again. But astonishingly, this story, though based on love, doesn’t sound cliché or boring like other books in the same genre. It is written on a very fresh note giving a different dimension altogether to the word called Love.

Because of the title and cover page of the book, I had thought that it belongs to the non-fiction genre but reading the synopsis made me realize that it’s a fictional work. The book, basically, deals with one-sided love and how the character evolves from that heart-broken phase of depression after rejection and bounces back to achieve what he never thought he will ever be able to. The characterization is done very wonderful of each and everyone which will be the biggest reason if this book gets the Bestseller tag which it should eventually achieve.

The book starts in a very confusing tone as it becomes hard to understand if Sanjay and Raju are the same person or two different personalities. But later on when the backdrop of the story is revealed, the scenarios starts getting clear. I, personally, enjoyed the 2nd half of the book where the character of the Raju is shown climbing hierarchy in his organization with his intelligence and wit. In the pre-climax and climax, I liked how author focuses on respecting a girl’s choice rather than forcing yourself upon her. I am amazed in the way the climax and ending of the book is handled with great maturity. In 150 pages, the way author have handled romance, depression, victory, passion, love, heart break, girl’s emotions etc are commendable and hence I go with 3.9* out of 5. This book is surely recommended if you want to read something new in the romance section written by an Indian author.



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