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Anuradha Prasad: "I want to be known as a prolific writer and that's all" (Interview) !!!

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I have been associated with the authoress, Anuradha Prasad, since her first book and it gives me great pleasure that she is back with her 2nd book- Coming Back Home. After the release of the book, I had a short interview with her. Please read to know what she has to say about it and her journey as writer.

1. Dear Anuradha, how has your life changed since last 2-3 years after becoming an official author?

Ans-  People’s attitude towards me has certainly changed. They look at me and say - Oh! You have written a book? We would like to read it. There are some who eagerly waited for my second. Besides that, Book signing is a great experience. On the personal level I feel proud to leave behind a legacy.

2. Tell us something about your new book- Coming Back Home?

 Its  about  finding your  place in the universe. Its about true friendship and love . Its also about taking care of your parents and finding  a reason to let go of the one, who  hurt you the most with no ill feelings. Its about success!

3.How did you decide to write about Bollywood and glamour industry?

It just happened. I did not decide anything. I have been associated with the publishing and fashion industry for quite some time. So I just thought of it!

4.What research did you go through to develop the characters of Arpita and Riku?

No research. I just thought of these common people and they trying to reach the pinnacles of success in Bollywood. I have also seen and heard of innumerable stories of Bollywood strugglers.  So as I went on with it, I  visualized what could  be the possible pitfalls for my characters , in a given situation and went ahead writing . I had  imagined  the characters of  Riku -as a reckless Bastard  and Arpita as a hard working, talented hope less romantic.  I was very clear about the main characters and the story with the backdrop of Bollywood unfolded. 

5. We find that you are extremely beautiful. Like your character, Arpita, have you also tried in Bollywood ever? Haha!

Thanks a lot  but I am not very comfortable accepting compliments about my looks as it takes away the focus from my writing skills. I want to be known as a prolific writer and thats all. Besides ‘Only beauty and no brains’ idea does not attract me. Having said this-  I have done a few modeling assignments offered to me in my early twenties.  I was quiet successful too. But I never ran after it!  I  found my centre through writing. I love it, as it is  really challenging  and therapeutic. 

6. You have sent across a message about Women Empowerment through the character of Arpita. How do you feel your book will change the mindset of girls/women in our country?

Arpita is not a strong woman but slowly evolves through her experiences. I have written about evolution and strength rather than rebellion and empowerment! I feel women of our country must be educated and find their right place in the society. Woman empowerment according to me is not all about burning the bra, but also about being proud to be who you are and the freedom to make choices. This book  also inspires men to respect and  accept fairer sex as equals or superior in many aspects while on their own journeys. 

7.Have you come across any Bollywood person who may be interested in adapting one of your books into a full-fledged movie?

The book is still new to the market. Hoping to reach out to the maximum readers first. Bollywood could happen eventually. But so far I haven't come across anyone interested in making it into a movie. 

8.How has been your association with Leadstart Publication?

My experience was good., without any bumps . Smooth.

9.Tell us something regarding your next work. On what topic is it going to be based upon?

I haven't thought of anything so far. I will let you guys know the moment I come up with a concept. 

10.Any words for your fans who are reading your books?

I love you guys. Keep reading. 

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