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Review: Raees: A fulfilling performance by SRK! ***

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I remember when Jab Tak Hai Jaan released, everyone was disappointed with the movie and SRK but I was very delighted to have watched the movie because such kind of cinema is no longer made in Bollywood. Almost every movie is action-oriented or on some different subject altogether but not the stuffs which I have grown watching. Same has been the case with Raees. Since I watched its promo, I was very positive about the movie and the role of SRK in it. I have always liked SRK whenever he plays a kind of bad character- either its Josh or Don, Don 2 or now, Raees. Now that I have watched the movie, I can say it is one of the best performances of SRK where his efforts are fully visible in each and every scene.

The tough look on his face since his entry to the last scene shows the kind of enthusiasm and angst this man has to conquer the whole state and its business under his power. SRK displays the character so perfectly in the Raees that even in the scenes which aren’t that powerful, you tend to enjoy them seeing the commitment of the actor. The first half of the movie is more about developing the character of Raees and setting the whole background on which the second half plays its part. Its enjoyable to watch first half as you find another man as tough and challenging as Raees take the initiative to stop Raees from doing anything that’s wrong for the area/society/state- Majmudar. Every dialogue that Nawazuddin Siddiqui speaks gives the movie a realistic feel because there’s no heroism in it. They are as specific to the policeman’s character as it can be.

The 2nd half gets little slow because of the emotional side of the character that overtakes all the other characteristics of Raees. SRK does wonderful job in all these scenes; as he is known to make India cry with his movies. Mahira Khan does not add anything to the movie. She is easily forgettable. The dialogues in the movie are great and make you giggle at several times. The songs are soulful and Laila Main Laila actually makes you stand up and dance. The climax is obvious hence you wouldn’t leave movie with a surprising exclamation on your face. The only problem with Raees is that it becomes too predictable at many places hence there is not much left for the viewers to explore. He just waits and wants to watch how exactly this movie is going to show the particular part as you have already guessed what’s happening next. Overall, Raees is an entertainer and it can be watched in the cinema hall. I give it 3 stars out of 5.



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