13 November 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Official Chukyagiri Season 1: Strikes the right chord!!! ****

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This is an era of web-series for the Indian viewers where almost everyday you will find a new channel promoting and launching their web-series. Some of them are very hilarious while few of them are pure garbage. I have already ended up watching many useless web-series which I didn't even review on my Blog because I didn't know what to say about them. The last good series I watched was TVF Tripling. Since then I was waiting for a good web-series and finally ended up watching "Official Chukyagiri" by Arre Channel after lots of recommendation and word of mouth. 

I must say Official Chukyagiri is one of the web-series which touches the chord of the today's generation. There are so many students and professionals who come to metro cities for studying or working and get shocked when they are bullied by the ultra-stylish or dominating locales or established candidates. There are many who end up running back to their village while few stay back to fight against them and build their own name and establishment. The protagonist of the series, Spandan Chukya, is one of them who stayed back without leaving back for his village even when he gets to know that his father is very ill. 

Right from the 1st episode when the Spandan Chukya enters, the series captivates the viewer and you will end up watching all the episodes back to back. In the 1st episode itself, the bullying begins and the way Spandan reacts to it is surprising and the scene is also the high point of the episode. Later on, how he manages to win heart of his boss and ends up working harder along with keeping his relations intact with all the lower grade people in the Corporate is worth watching. The dilemma that he faces at moments is also scripted very well. In the finale, the inclusion of Sumeet Vyas, the superstar of Youtube web-series, makes you delighted and his conversation with Spandan is also million-dollars.  Overall, the show is very nicely directed with the available resources and I am waiting for its 2nd part. I give the show 4 stars out of 5.



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