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Review: Humorously Yours (Season 1): Busted many myths! ***½

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The Viral Fever is the best Youtube channel for me. Their web-series or the one-video gags are not just about jokes, punches and laughter but also ends up being on emotional and nostalgic side. They know how to touch chords with youth of this nation. Many people claim to know what youth wants in this nation but TVF has been portraying the same through their videos regularly. They have already won hearts of many through their shows- Permanent Roommates, Pitchers and Tripling. Now, their latest show “Humorously Yours” has set the right tone at the right time.

The stand-up comedian are gaining celebrity status these days because people are more interested in attending a comic or stand up show than a movie lately. Because of which, the stand-up comedians have now become household names. Everyone identifies them by their first name now. Earlier, they used to give their introduction before performing their act or meeting someone. But are they really as celebrity as we think they are? Humorously Yours is basically about this. It is busting all the myths that we have about the life behind the stage and camera of a stand-up comedian.

This web-series comprises of 5 episodes and each episode keeps on getting better than the previous one. Vipul Goyal is playing the protagonist who has gotten that initial hit in his career but he is unable to convert it in something big like other contemporary comedians. Due to which he keeps on getting advices from his peers and he ends up ruining his morale more by trying to adopt their ideas in his life. His chemistry with his wife(played by Rasika Dugal) is also charming and how the comedian is dominated by the more settled and working wife is funny to watch. The stand-up shows of Vipul in between of the shows are funny and interesting and keep the episodes interesting.

Overall, Humorously Yours shows how a comedian struggles to get the right type of show with the right kind of audience but has to perform in all the places he does not want to, how a comedian struggles to prepare for his next act under the pressure of competition, how the comedian strives to earn well to look like a well-settled personality etc. It’s one of the good works from TVF. I would rate the web-series 3.5 stars out of 5.




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