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Inner Engineering by Sadhguru (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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There are few spiritual leaders in our country for which people are crazy about. Every time they speak, people listen to them in awe and with lots of expectations to explore a new dimension of life. I have become very keen towards reading and listening to such stuffs from last 2 years. Sometimes I even feel like moving away from all the materialism and senseless achievements of life to a place where there is no body and experience the zenith that these spiritual masters talk about. One such man who is bringing a lot of change in my life from spiritual point of view is Sadhguru a.k.a Jaggi Vasudev.

I have read several articles, books and columns written by him. I have seen many Youtube videos of Sadhguru’s. I have heard many podcasts released by him. I am even following if some event is happening nearby me by his foundation: Isha so that I can attend and learn the art of Inner Engineering about which he talks a lot. To my surprise, I recently came to know about his new book named “Inner Engineering” which also has the tagline: “A Yogi’s Guide To Joy”. This is said to be Sadhguru’s one of the most ambitious books of all time out of many that he have written. 

The book covers a lot of detailing related to how a human being can identify the unexplored in his body, mind, and energy and how to achieve joy through them. The book starts with Sadhguru giving little insight of his life so that the reader can know the person whose words we are going to read ahead and follow. The whole section is so moving that I started feeling proud of reading this book from then itself.

Later on, as Sadhguru moves ahead and starts describing about how our body is attached to so many things in world and how we are related to things we never even think about gave me so much of positive energy just by reading his words. The way each and everything is described makes it very easy for a non-yogi to understand how to achieve that state of life where everything will be in our limits and control. Also the real and fiction examples given for the concepts and methodology about how the preached message can be wrongly executed in life also tells the reader how not to implement the author’s words in life. The actions demanded from us in “Sadhana” section are also worth trying because of the ease in every methodology. 

Earlier, Robin Sharma’s books had changed my life in terms of motivation and leadership while Sadhguru’s books (especially this one) are changing my life in terms of spirituality, yoga and meditation. I give this book 4 star out of 5. I am not rating it very highly because I had lots of expectations from the person whom I have considered a Guru. I still feel that there are many explorations which Sadhguru just theoretically conveyed but didn’t give a practical approach to it through which we could implement the same. Except this, the book is totally recommended to everyone who is living in myths related to Yoga, meditation and spiritualism. Read it to learn the real implementation.



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