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The Great Indian Righter by Babloo Wanaby (Book Review-4.5*/5) !!!

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Since last half decade or so, the publishing and book market has totally changed for good or bad that I do not know but it has changed. Earlier, when you would go through the Bestseller Lists, you used to find the books which were considered to be full of high literary value. Nowadays, if you will check the Bestseller list, you will only find the rom-com, college campus stories or mass fiction. This has frustrated many writers and readers who loved the classic books and literature stuff. Right from Chetan Bhagat to Durjoy Datta to Ravinder Singh are daily abused by this section of literati. There are many satirical articles and posts on these writers. But now, a book named “The Great Indian Righter” is released by Babloo Wanaby which is a parody on these writers and let me tell you, it’s extremely funny.

Not every time a book in the humor or parody or satirical section that makes me laugh and giggle but this book has many such moments. As I have been reading and reviewing these pulp fictions from last 5-6 years, it was very easy for me to relate with all the stuffs Babloo was talking about. His character, Churan Bhogal, is amazingly personified. I really liked relating him to the Bestselling author of India though the author have put the disclaimer that everything is fiction and not to relate it with anything real. Haha! Similarly, another character, Robin Singh, who takes inspiration from Churan Bhogal, and writes a pathetic tragic romantic novel is a wonderful character and I, even, related him with an author who have written the similar tale and went on writing many other bestsellers.

I personally liked the scene when two professionals from publication houses meet and talk about these two writers. Similarly, the sex scene between a character and his partner while the sex talk between the two main protagonist is so silly, vulgar yet funny that I died laughing. The conversation with in-laws of Churan because of the book that he had written on his marriage life is another delighting take on how the personal life of these writers get affected by writing nonsensical stuff. Even the climax is so beautifully handled that it shows the debutante writer, Babloo Wanaby is not here as a One Book Wonder but has talent of writing many more books in this genre. This genre really needs good writers in India and I can claim that Babloo is surely a good addition to the list. I rate this book as 4.5* out of 5.



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