28 October 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why are we so Religiously Intolerant?

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       Recently, there was a news that people became quite violent and attacking when they saw a tattoo of Hindu God on the leg of a foreigner. Well, is this the only news of this kind in recent times? Definitely no as we have been continuously reading such news of religious intolerance nowadays. People are becoming too possessive about their religion with each day and it is becoming very hard for people from two different communities to gel up together because of the tension around them. A debate somehow starts between the two parties and even if they aren't as devoted to their religion as some really obsessive people are, they end up defending their God and in return, starts mentioning many flaws of the opponent's religion. Finally, they end up sharing a very quarrelsome moment and sometimes it takes a very harmful turn when one of them becomes violent.     

             I do not understand how can people fight with someone if the person is abusing his/her God intentionally. And here, the question lies in how people are attacking someone who have done the same unintentionally. It is as if I go to a Masjid being a Non-Muslim to devote myself part-time in Islam and the people in the Mosque end up thrashing me for taking their religion too casually and considering it to be a part-time affair with their God. Actually, such acts should be appreciated if someone is trying to know your God and in the process, ends up doing something silly or hurtful. We should make the person understand our religion little better with the guidance of not more than 5 minutes before it becomes a forced attempt of making the person feel bullied for converting him in your religion.

            And even if you find few people out there mocking your God and making fun of your religious sentiments by abusing your almighty, you should actually smile at them and make them feel the strength your religion have provided you that such stupid bullying and teasing does not affect you. In your mind, you should be enough confident that your religion can never get smaller by the few bad and belittling words of ordinary people. In fact, you should be proud of belonging in the religion that makes people insecure about it which makes them do avoidable activities. You will always find people cribbing about the boss and project manager. You will never find 6 employees standing together in lunch break and gossiping about the peon. Always the important and best people out there who rules your life are talked about. And if people are talking about your God and religion leaving the uncountable religions aside, you should be proud of your presence under the religion you belong.

           I still can't understand how people turn hyper when they find their God not being respected by a section of people. Do you really feel that the person whom you pray, follow and devote is so weak that it will suffer if someone speaks ill about it? Haven't you seen mythological series where even when our God is humiliated in public, he keeps smiling which infuriates the demon more than before which results in his demise? Why are you forgetting those little things you loved about God when you were child? With age and maturity, why have you become so serious about issues related with your religion, caste, region etc? In fact, start feeling good about your following whenever you find someone else speaking or doing against it. Project that it's power has started affecting others who have started feeling that they are following the weaker one. But even after that, respect his/her belief as much as you respect yours. Don't end up doing the same with him what he was doing with you a little time before. OM SAI RAM!!! :)



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