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Review: Main Aur Charles: Unwanted complexities in the screenplay!!! *

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Main Aur Charles: 1/5

       I watched "Main Aur Charles" this weekend after knowing that it's inspired from the real life event when a prisoner escaped the jail premises and later gets caught in Goa. Whenever Randeep Hooda does such movies, you expect too much talent and perfection out of it but disappointingly, this one isn't special and even if you skip it, you won't be missing a movie that you'll ever find people discussing in group. The film basically revolves around the two characters- Charles and the policeman who takes the case but fails in catching him up. Throughout the movie, director and writer have tried to show how Sobhraj, the real character, wooed the women with his charms and later looted them.    

           Coming to the direction first, the biggest flaw has been in the screenplay of the movie. A plot which was so easy to explain and portrayed has been intentionally made complex so that it looks like an intellectual stuff. Because of which audience gets confused about what's exactly happening at the current point of time and where are we in the movie. Though the film is based in 1980's, the locations and sets does not make it look special and you start getting bored very soon in the movie. Also, the sequences start getting repetitive after the first few minutes itself. You wish to see some scenes where Charles' real master-mind would be reflected through how he loots the people but that is never shown which is the major reason why this movie fails. 

          Coming to the performances, Randeep Hooda is great and plays his part perfectly. Adil Hussain has also done good in his character but does not look very convincing. Richa Chadda is fine. Tisca Chopra looks great in the small sequences that she appears in. Rest, everyone is okay in the movie because of which even after the not-very-good script, film still stays in the same scale and becomes a forgettable stuff. I give this movie only 1 star out of 5 and it would be better to stay at home than watch this.



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