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Playing It My Way by Sachin Tendulkar/Boria Mazumdar (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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         To read Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography, I had switched off all my online activities, Whatsapp and every source of entertainment and disturbance. I wanted to read the book in silence and feel the emotions of the man whom we often refer as GOD because of the good and great qualities he possesses. It took me 4 evenings to complete this book and every day during office hours, I used to think of what he would have written about the match he played in so-and-so series. And the same evening, I used to read it and enjoy the details shared by Sachin. After completing his book some 2 hours ago, I have cried like anything reading about how he described his life post-announcement of retirement, his last two test matches and his reaction to everybody's love and respect towards him. But I didn't start writing it immediately after my emotional outburst because I wanted to review it just like any other book and not as one of my favorites even before I started reading it. :-)   

             Playing It My Way- the title itself tells us that Sachin must have written all about how he felt the Cricket should be played. And he describes it in the same manner. The book is also co-authored by Boria Mazumdar, whom I met in an event named "Salaam Sachin" where he told me about the book in process and I couldn't believe him. The book is written in the simplest language for the Indian authors. Nothing have been done to impress the Englishmen out there sitting to thrash anything done by Living Indian Legends. Sachin have mostly talked about how his life on the field and ground was. And it is quite expected from the guy who have never been in controversies that he'll not disclose anything just like that to get extra points. 

             He have discussed some controversial issues but made it sure that he does not hurt anyone. If you have missed out Sachin's innings and started following him after his career was already 12-15 years old or more, this book is definitely for you because it describes how Sachin started scoring initial centuries and how it became a habit for him in almost every series that India played in. After every chapter, the scorecards of important matches are shared through which you get an idea along with which players Sachin was a part of the team during that particular time. Sachin's respect and realization of his wife's contribution in his career can be easily deciphered in the way he mentions her in the book. Also as a father, he discusses how he has not been involved in his children's growth. Over all, it's all about what Sachin feels about his game and the important matches that India won and lost. 

             Coming to the drawbacks of the book- When you pick up an autobiography of someone like Sachin, you expect to read about the instances of his life with which we are not familiar with. Sachin have strictly created a boundary and talked with us only about the parts that we already knew about him through watching the matches, listening to him in interviews or reading media stories about him. There was actually nothing new in this book to know about Sachin if you have been following him and his Cricket. Similarly, I feel that the scorecards could have been added in the end of the book rather than serving as interruption between the chapters. Also, Sachin does not talk about some big events of how the middle-class boy felt when he experienced some extravagant and epic moments. That could have made the reading experience of this book more memorable than it was. 

            In the end, I would say that the best part for me was the discussion of how the man felt after announcing his retirement and how certain people made him feel special about his long career. I give this book 4 stars out of 5 and I wish I had given it 5 out of 5 but because this autobiography sounded like a Sports column describing every match that Sachin played in, I had to restrict myself from giving it the perfect rating. 



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