5 October 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Singh is Bling: One of Akshay Kumar's nonsensical movies!!! *½

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         I watched lot of movies this weekend starting with Singh is Bling. I had liked the trailer and songs of the movie therefore I was expecting good humour from this Prabhu Deva's product but he is in process of competing Sajid Khan in making idiotic and foolish movies. Whenever you are making a comedy movie you should keep it in mind that people between 25-40 years should also find the laughter in it because kids enjoy anything if it looks funny. But what Prabhu Deva have done to this movie is too bad to describe. I am unsure if even school kids would connect with the jokes. Not more than 2 jokes made me laugh. And as the movie does not have any great story to tell, only humour was its hope and with such a poor script, even that ended up to be null and resulted in yet one more idiotic product from Bollywood.   

           Coming to performances, Akshay Kumar is fine but somewhere it seems he couldn't connect with the movie and half way, he knew that he is trapped in a silly movie again like some 1454575th time. In few scenes, he have definitely given his best which makes us smile if not laugh but overall, you start missing the Akshay Kumar of Holiday, Special 26, Baby and Gabbar is Back after some 20-25 minutes of the movie itself. Amy Jackson is also given a wonderful screen time and she has tried her best to fit in the role and do as much justice as possible but you surely miss an Indian actress as she cannot emote as its needed in a comedy movie. Talking about Lara Dutta, she has only been irritating throughout the movie with one of her worst performances. The overacting and useless expressions only urges you to leave theater and leave. She is the weakest link of the movie along with the script.

            The background music is nice and energetic. The songs are wonderful and all of them are worth dancing on the DJ floor. Only if movie could have been half as good as its music. The action scenes are fine and similar to what we have already seen for 123345345 times. In the end, I would like to ask Prabhu Deva to get some idea on film making before starting to direct his next. I give this movie 1.5 stars out of 5. 



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