25 October 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Shaandaar: Sharmnaak, Bakwaas, Murdabad!!! *½

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      When you name a movie something like "Shaandaar", you need to be very conscious of each and every scene that you write and direct because of the big title that you have projected your work with. And the movie which you plan after giving a hit like "Queen" just an year ago should be the definition of the word "perfect". I do not know how Vikas Behl ended up directing this silly script which has nothing great and spectacular in it except trying to spread a small message which again, does not leave any impact on the audience. Film could have been very entertaining with the kind of plot chosen but the writers seem to be very confused about which angle to be given more preference as a basic story line.   

            The movie starts with an animated video telling us the background of the story and then the real characters are introduced in the first scene itself. The locations are wonderful and because the things are getting introduced, you are still liking everything as you feel something would come up soon that will be of your interest. And you keep waiting and nothing magical comes up. Then you leave thinking about the story and only want Shahid-Alia's love angle to begin as soon as possible but even that doesn't take a flight. What you get is useless scenes in between which has nothing to do with the plot, story or characters. The screen play of the movie is so bad that I'm still wondering how did someone manage to even project it for an A-grade movie in front of a producer. Bizarre!

           The dialogues aren't any great. The music is quite spunky and modern but that's not everything for a movie which has such a big star cast which creates a hope of watching something good. The performances are cool and not something unique for which you would recommend the movie to someone. The lead couple are cool in their characters. Pankaj Kapoor is strictly okay. Sanah Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's real-life sister is also playing an important role in the movie and she is someone who comes like a fresh air. Rest, I do not need to talk about other performers as they aren't worth talking about. I would give this movie 1.5 stars out of 5. And yes, Alia Bhatt didn't have a single lip kiss for which I think she should be given Bravery Award. 



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