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Review: Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2: A Laugh Riot Indeed! ***½

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      I remember when Pyaar Ka Punchnama had come 4 years ago and someone recommended the movie to me, I ended up saying who watches such movies having unknown faces and names. But somehow the person insisted me and after watching the movie, I had kept it on my desktop and watched few scenes of it several times. It was a laugh riot and something which showed the contemporary situation of boyfriends in the relationships. Surprisingly, the trailer of its sequel launched few weeks ago and after watching that the character of Liquid which was almost the 50% reason of PKP's success wasn't there, people had started writing it off. Director, Luv Ranjan, retained all the three actresses again and only one of the three boys in the sequel. Somewhere, Luv Ranjan took a wonderful decision as taking the guy who played Liquid's character would have made audience desire for more fun than the first part and with his absence, people went for the movie with no expectations and therefore, whatever was offered to us felt surprisingly excellent, funny and unbelievable. The formula has worked!         

               PKP 2 is a movie which runs on almost the same plot as first and tries to show different reasons for which these girls are troubling the respective boyfriends this time. The reasons are valid and it's purely realistic because of which you don't find anything silly. The characters are introduced very early in the movie and director doesn't waste time in it. The humor starts right from the first scene and carries right till the last frame. The first half is amazing as everything is going well for the boys until the interval time. After interval the movie is all about how the life changes for these boys after they get fed up of their respective girl's tantrums. PKP 2 have carried everything that worked for PKP and therefore, if you enjoyed the first part, you will definitely subscribe to this one too. The dialogues of the movies are so amazingly written that without them, this movie would have flopped badly. The movie has repeat value and that's the sign of the makers' success that they managed to do it one more time with the same plot after 4 years. Great!

             Coming to the performances, Kartik Aaryan leads the movie and makes you laugh just through his expressions itself. And once he speaks something, you start giggling before he utters the first word. His 7 minutes monologue is at par with what he did in the previous movie and makes you laugh like anything. That's one of the best scenes again in Bollywood. Sunny Singh has replaced the character of Liquid and does very well and you do not miss the latter because of him and similarly, Omkar Kapoor replaces that another guy and looks majestic on screen; girls are going to get mad about him after coming out of the theater. All the girls are amazing and out of all, Ishita Sharma looks extremely hot, sexy and tempting. Nushrat gives 100% to her character which makes you hate her for irritating the lead actor. Haha!

            Overall, PKP 2 is a good movie which makes you laugh once every 2 minutes and I don't think you need anything more from a movie which you entered for laughter moments. It is a fun movie and definitely watchable. You may either find it excellent, good or average but you won't feel that your money has been wasted. After Talvar and Jazbaa, Bollywood needed a light movie and Luv Ranjan fulfilled the requirement successfully. Kudos to the director for an amazing effort of 4 years. I am waiting for PKP 3 now. Yes! I give this effort 3.5 stars out of 5. GO FOR IT!!!



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