5 October 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Bhaag Johnny: Plz BHAAG Away From This JOHNNY!!! ½

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         And out of many Toofan-ism that I do in life, I did one this weekend: I watched Bhaag Johnny and I still do not know why. A film starring Kunal Khemu is never a choice of anyone in India but there are few folks like me who like to risk their life for worst. The film is about how a guy is caught by his boss for sharing company's secret with a friend who deals with stock market and shares. In punishment, she asks him to go to Pattava for 3 days if he doesn't want to spend next 10 years of his life in jail. He agrees, obviously. Once he reaches there, he is asked by his boss to kill a girl. He refuses but he does not have any option. While he is in mental trauma of how to get out of this, a genie appears. And this is one of the stupidest scenes of Bollywood when genie gives a privilege to the protagonist of living 2 lives for next 72 hours in which he'll kill the girl in one and save her in another and after the completion of 72 hours, genie will ask him to chose one among the two lives after which his normal life will proceed likewise. Can you believe this? 
           Do you even think if I should review this anymore after sharing this great plot with you? The genie is played by Vikram Bhatt. What can be a bigger joke than this? Such a childish and illogical and funny plot that I recorded it and sent the audio to my friends. The dialogues through out the movie are so poor that you start doubting if they hired a writer or the dumb actors themselves delivered whatever they felt. Though the movie starts nicely and it seems it will be an okay one but the scene when genie appears and the plot gets revealed, you can only find yourself banging your head and pulling your hairs. Both the actresses are only kept for aesthetic value and have nothing much to deliver. Though Zoa Morani looks beautiful but without any kissing scene or intimate stuff, even she is wasted. Haha! 

            A beautiful song "iss kadar pyaar hai..." is also ruined. In the whole film, the actor only keeps running to save himself from getting caught by police who is behind him for killing a girl and in his another life, for running with a girl. And director thought people would clap at this because he is actually representing the title of the movie in the plot- "Bhaag Johnny". It is better if you BHAAG away from this movie and Johnny. I give it 0.5 stars. 0.5 goes to that scene when Genie gives this unbelievable offer to the protagonist and I died laughing. 



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