26 October 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

A Trip To Salman Bhai's Farm House!!! ;)

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              I am considered to be the most boring person in any of my rings of friend circle that I am part of. Whenever there are talks of any kind of hang-outs or money expenditure, the kanjus in me overshadows all the energetic emotions I have and I part myself from the discussion. Sometimes my ambition of working on myself towards improvement drags me away from such things that I consider wastage of time. But because few cool people have said that TRAVELING teaches you a lot of things about life, I feel that it should be tried sometime for sure. Not today, not tomorrow, not in next 3 years too but sometimes for sure, it will be done for experiencing the pleasure the traveler gets. As of now, all the focus lies in saving money for a great future and family life.

           But leaving the philosophical and serious things behind, I want to share a little fun I had in riding 80 kilometers and touching many places which are part of my town but I had no idea about. The main purpose of my friend, Siddhant and I, for which we just left our home at 1.30 PM in afternoon on Dusserah was to search Bhai Jaan's farm house. Yes! If you know that Salman Khan's favorite place to chill and relax is just few kilometers away from your area, why won't you visit it? On my Splendor Plus, both of us without the address and without any idea which road to take, just started our journey after filling 100 rs petrol. This is why it's sensible to own a normal bike like Splendor Plus rather than Pulsar/Unicorn. Even after dragging it for 80 kilometers of unusual roads, we were able to move the fuel needle by just 1 mm. 

           At last, after riding for some 50 kms, when we understood that it would be impossible to spot Bhai's farm house, we just started enjoying the environment without any expectations. It was hard to believe that some place is so cold while we are suffering with one of the hottest October days just 20 kilometers away. The greenery, the silence, the unpolluted air, endless fields, high mountains, numerous farm houses at the distance of 100 meters and a bottle of coke with us gave a day that both of us shall always remember. And after we finished our coke by sitting under a tent which some great human being would have made and left after his eventful time, we thought of riding for a little more on the same road than returning back. 

          And that's when we hit the jackpot. Just after riding for 100 meters from there, we read the name "Arpita Farmhouse", left the bike, ran towards the place like mad, and started speaking idiot things in happiness and surprise element of the moment. We started taking pictures of the farmhouse from all the sides that were accessible to us and were happy that we are standing on the road which BHAI JAAN often walks on. I know it is crazy to be smitten by such superstars who have few crimes under their name but any celebrity is a celebrity and coming closer to them in any sense is a kind of achievement for 2 Rs people like us. I am sharing some pictures of the places we discovered in search of ARPITA FARMHOUSE so that you can also experience the serene beauty of this planet. 

 Salman Bhai, thanks for unknowingly giving us happiness and a day full of bike riding and traveling. Haha! Hope to meet you soon in your farmhouse. :-)



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