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Review: Raja Natwarlal: A mediocre attempt! **½

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       Before watching Raja Natwarlal, I was discussing with my friend about how Emraan Hashmi, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar's movies look the same even when they have made more than enough movies for their audience. You switch your TV on, find any of these actors on the screen and you will still be unable to identify which movie it is. All looks the same. On the same context comes the latest flick of Emraan Hashmi- "Raja Natwarlal", a movie that's based on how a con(Emraan Hashmi) tries to trap a billionaire and cricket-freak (Kay Kay Menon)  based in Cape Town, South Africa by selling him a non-existing Cricket team in a League tournament through a fake auction. 

            Raja Natwarlal could have been one of the best movies based on con stories but it turns out to be a mediocre attempt. Everything goes well in the first half and you are hooked to see how Emraan will fool Menon but the lack in screenplay makes the whole thing look so predictable that you yourself start feeling about your IQ considering that you already know how the whole thing takes place. There's not a moment when you will jump off your seat in excitement of a surprise element unveiled or a sudden twist. Yes, there are many twists in the film out of which many falls flat because of no element that can impress the audience's expectation.

           Emraan Hashmi acts naturally like he does in every movie of his. Last few failures of his is an intimation that it's time to change his style. Not everyone is Salman Khan to fetch great collection by playing the same character again and again. Humaima Malick got a great hype for her debut in Bollywood through this movie but she is one of the worst parts of this film. Her only job is to dance in the middle of the story, show her cleavage, get kissed and rubbed by Emraan Hashmi, cry when caught by villains and play dumb. Not an impressive debut!

             Key Key Menon and Presh Rawal makes some scene look delightful and better but couldn't do much to save the movie. Locations are wonderful. Also the fast-pace of the movie lets you sit till the end. Songs are forgettable and also the choreography. Background music is as mediocre as the plot of the movie. In short, if you seriously have nothing to do for 2.5 hours in your day, go for this or there's a better option out there- have a good sleep. I am not saying that it's one of the worst movies but it's not more than being a mediocre attempt that would be forgotten as soon as you move out of the cinema hall. I give it 2.5 stars. 



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