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Kingdom Come by Aarti V Raman (Book Review: 3.75*/5)!!!

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    "Kingdom Come"- Isn't it an unusual title for a book? When I heard it first, I was sure that this book can be skipped but the good reviews made me go for it and thus, I picked up Aarti V Raman's Kingdom Come which is published by Harlequin publication. The book is 310+ pages and thus, you enjoy a ride that takes quite long to end. It's smooth but gets bumpy at times. The best part about the authoress is her command over the language and the way she explains the philosophies of the contemporary scenario between the characters at every specific points. Also her narration is good and the characterization is done very well which ensures that you get attached with almost everyone- Right from Krivi, Ziya, Noor, Sam to Woodpecker and Tom. That's the magnificence of each character.

            Cover page and synopsis promises some great action and thriller in the story which authoress delivers every now and then. Book even starts with a scene where Krivi Iyer is diffusing a bomb. Another commendable part is Aarti's research behind the lives of the people in army, terrorist groups and the way bombs, arms and ammunition are dealt with. The jargon that she has used many times regarding gadgets, machinery, bombs etc shows the kind of knowledge she ensured in herself before scripting this manuscript. 

     Well, out of everything, the best part has been The Woodpecker. I have read many books where a villain is introduced in a latter half and not given the kind of importance he/she deserves to make the hero of the book more macho. Author has definitely won brownie points here. She has discussed Woodpecker as stronger and better than Krivi and his whole team many a times. Even in the pre-climax, it is narrated as if The Woodpecker is a step ahead of Krivi and company. If for one point, I would ask you pick this book up, it would be to read about the villain here. I also feel that the title of this book should have been "The Woodpecker". Yes!

           Coming to the drawbacks:- I found it hard in getting into the story initially as author tries to introduce us with too many things and hence we don't get attached with any character except Noor's. It's only after some time that the book becomes alive and active. Also, I found too many love-making sequences every now and then once Krivi and Ziya patches up. It slows down the story and also adds up to your irritation. Book could have been 50 pages thinner easily. Too much time has been given in discussing of how Krivi and Ziya are confused with each other because of the same problem again and again. Also, few scenes where the narration could have been more exciting and thrilling, author has kept it flat as if just another scene. Else, I must say a good book indeed. Definitely, one-time read. I give it 3.75*/5. 



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