5 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

The worsening relationship of TEACHERS and STUDENTS!!!

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   It's Teacher's Day. One of the days when we feel both- good and bad. It's always delighting to have a great teacher guiding and teaching us. Seeing our life getting transformed by another human being who looks, talks and walks like us is one of the amazing experiences of life. When a teacher becomes friend and teaches as if we are their own children, we find a God in them. We start respecting every word uttered by them. They become one of the few persons whom we always approach before taking any decision, any life-changing decision. I have seen few people who trusted their teachers more than their family members for the fact that they knew their teacher sees everyone as a developing element and tries to act as catalyst and fasten the process. That's what kind of a teacher everyone of us try finding in our life. 

             You must have heard it from many people that they had some natural raw talent but they couldn't take it as their career/profession because they never got an opportunity to have a wonderful teacher who could shape them into perfectness. A search for a good guide is always on. Before an interview, you wish to have someone whom you can call and get best advises from so that your path towards earning money and building a long-term profession becomes successful. Someone who has become a great entrepreneur always remember the person whom he met first and got all the great keys to reach the highest of the hierarchy. That's how a teacher can mold our life and make us something that even we don't know we have potential of.

                These days the relationship between a teacher and student have become just profit-and-loss statement. I see few of my classmates purposely reaching to teachers every now and then just to develop a rapport. A rapport that would help them fetch great Internal marks which in turn will increase their percentage. And if the same teacher is discussed in group, they never stay back in abusing them. I have found students taking name of teachers without suffixing it with Sir or Mam. Why has this disrespect arisen? It's because the relationship is damn professional and it has nothing to do with spirituality or philosophy of life. No teacher is interested in investing their life for students with no interest in any gains out of it. No student is interested in letting teacher know what problem do they face in their teaching. Hence, this has become a fashion to evaluate teachers. 

            Teaching is a flower and dedication is its fragrance. Until both teacher and students don't let understanding happen between them, they can not benefit out of this relationship which is discussed as the most important aspect in everyone's life in every religious holy book. Right from Mahabharata, Quran, Bible, Bhagawad Geeta, Ramayana etc. In our Hindu scripts, even God is trained by a teacher who becomes a "Guru" for all later on. That's how important Guru, a teacher is. But teachers have themselves stopped realizing it. They feel that their job is thankless but it isn't. They don't know that this generation still possesses a heart which lets a person dwell into it only when it is touched appropriately and kindly. If even a bit of corruption is found, this generation that is too forward and practical does not let the person stay in their heart and mind and treat them just like another entity.

           I wish that this relationship between a teacher and student turns out to be perfect very soon. A certain motivation has to be given to teachers. If they aren't expert in a subject, they should be trained by institution to make them effective for our generation. Until and unless few steps are not taken, the teachers and teaching quality will keep diminishing day by day. I have seen it happening in front of me in last 10 years since I have started understanding these things. With hope and wait, I wish all the teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day. I wish my child would get a great teacher who can develop him/her in a person I would have never imagined to develop them as. :-) 



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