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Review: Mardaani: It'll not let you blink!!!

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       Last week, Singham Returns entertained me a lot which was based on a Policeman named Singham. This week, Mardaani is released which again is a story of a female crime-branch officer played by Rani Mukherjee. Rani has lost her audience since 3 years and any movie featuring her is tend to be ignored. Still, Mardaani has got a certain hype which might make audience go to theaters and enjoy a movie which is said to be the female version of Singham. I am done watching the movie and I am very glad that I liked Rani Mukherjee right from the first shot till the end. She acts so naturally that you get deep into her character and want her to win at the end. She does not overact while beating, thrashing, abusing, delivering dialogues, uttering slang, firing bullets and running behind villains. She makes the character look real and hence, the delight to watch Mardaani proves to be right.

          Film shows how a young boy manages a whole organization which is involved in kidnapping girls and selling it to men who are desperate to have sex. Tahir Bhasin as villain tries to look cool by speaking English, calling Rani as ma'am even when he hates her, keeping a calm body-language and trying to use his brain to face Shivani Shivaji Roy(Rani Mukherjee). He is a fine actor but does not leave too much impact of him through this movie. All the other supporting casts does well but it's Rani Mukherjee, herself, who carries whole film on her shoulders.

           Pradeep Sarkaar is one of the prominent film makers who try to make movies based on women. Mardaani is definitely one of his works that shall be remembered for pointing out a much-needed topic of girl trafficking and abduction. He makes the movie look real without making any scene look over-the-top. He does not make even Rani to showcase extreme action scenes. The best part of his direction has been the whole focus only at the main plot. He didn't add an useless item song, a half-baked love story or a big flashback of villain's life. He just talked about one case throughout the movie and how a lady officer tries to win against a group of big criminals. The sense of humour that Rani comes with shows how Sarkaar has worked towards making her character interesting. In all, Mardaani is a winning film. Definitely, a one-time watch. I give it 3.5.




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