10 August 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Entertainment: A treat for Akshay Kumar's fans! **½

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      On Sunday Morning, I am done watching Akshay Kumar’s latest comedy- Entertainment that’s based on his character’s relation with dog named “Entertainment”. The movie also stars Tamannah, Krishna, Mithun C, Johnny L, Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood. If I have to say in few sentences how this movie is, I would say that it takes you back in 2008 when Akshay Kumar released 5 comedies back to back and all of them turned out to be Super-Hits. People loved those kind of movies 6 years back but now they are being criticized for being no-brainer and senseless. If you have been an Akshay Kumar fan and still like watching Welcome, Singh is King and Heyy Babyy, you can surely book your tickets and have your Entertainment.

            I have been a critic of Akshay Kumar from a long time as I feel that he could do better movies being a versatile actor he is. But he has stereotyped himself as an actor doing senseless comedies. But few movies of his have surely surprised me. E.g. Special 26, Holiday. Entertainment is surely not among them but before watching the movie, I was expecting stupidity, nonsensical and unfunny jokes but I found the movie better than my expectations. Though the story line is very simple but as a comedy movie, Entertainment is treated very well. There are few moments that do make you fall off your seat. Comparing this one with Humshakals, I would say, a wonderful comedy after a long time but that does not mean it gets into the league of Munnabhai series and 3 Idiots. It has its own kind which few might enjoy and few might dislike.
           Director has done a wonderful job and never does it look as if the movie is made in hurry. Dialogues aren’t that good but they do not irritate you as well. It is wonderful that directors didn’t try to hide their simple storyline with too many songs and dances in between of the story. There are just 3 songs in the movie out of which one comes during the end credits. Krishna assures that he makes you laugh unlike Sudesh Lehri who bored us tremendously in Ready. Tamannah does not have even 10 minutes role so it’s useless talking about her. Mithun Da and Johnny Lever play their part best. In all, I would say a movie based on animal’s love is treated well without insulting the breed or human every now and then. And go only if you are still in love with those movies of Akshay Kumar I talked above. Otherwise, it is just another Humshakals for you.



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Soulmate said...

Akshay Kumar has a lot more potential. I don't understand why he chooses to do such kind of mindless films.

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