18 August 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Zara Tasveer se tu.. Nikal ke saamne aa...

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       Whenever we are about to meet someone new, we become very conscious. Sometimes, even when we are not meeting someone very important, still we end up waking all night thinking how the day is going to be. What's the reason behind it? What exactly goes in our mind that we lose our slumber and we keep on thinking how are we going to carry ourselves tomorrow? It's a worry of building our image and creating a very good first impression so that the person gets excited about meeting us yet again. Image building is a wonderful art that only few knows how to do. Rest of us are trying to imitate those personalities and hence losing ourselves in the process. I have found many people who said that because they tried to project themselves as a better person, later on they lost the person in front of whom they felt they were succeeding with their projection. Surprising, isn't it?

            Why is it that we think to impress a new person when we already have uncountable friends and they even like us? It's just because we are trying to test ourselves. After a time, we know that our friends might not speak truth about our personality and even if they don't like us, they will continue appreciating out of love and liking. That is why when we are meeting a stranger, we think of checking if we are able to impress the person. Somewhere all of us have an inferiority complex because what we think in our mind is what only we know about our thoughts. We know how degrading thoughts get processed sometimes in our mind and if discussed with others, we would be hated for what we are. Hence, we get influenced by few people whom we respect for the way they carry themselves.

            Hence, we never let the person with us know who we are. We hide ourselves behind the new gestures, accent and ideologies that we have adopted of the persons we admire. We feel that the new person will like us in this new avatar and he would love meeting us yet again. This might come true and the person might become a fan of yours. But for how long can you fake yourself? There is validity of almost everything in this world.

           After few more meetings, the person identifies that there are few things that you are revealing every time you feel that the person isn't looking/concentrating at you. And that's when he/she identifies that you aren't the same person they met for the first time. And from here, disliking begins and it comes to a day when the person does not want to even discuss you. It's just because your true self comes in light. Does this means your true self isn't impressive and likable?  It is. Just because you entered with some different avatar that was more likable than you, now when you are becoming less likable for the person, they are wanting to leave you. 

           Image-building isn't a process of one day that people generally thinks. It's a long process that goes on till the last day of relationship. If you think that a successful acting on the first day will ensure a long relationship, it isn't. If you think just because you romantically dated your partner in the first meeting, the relationship shall continue forever, break-up is very near, my friend. You will have to keep enriching your image rather than trying to project yourself as a totally different personality initially and then coming back to your middle-class-ness. Be what you really are and then with the passing time, make sure that you are developing your image so that the person keeps getting in love out of respect with you. And that's how you will build an image that would be talked of even when you are not present among the people. :-)



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Asit Chaurasia said...

Very interesting Bhai..Nice thought and its really very true in today's world.. I loved it :)

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