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My Speech at Bharati Vidyapeeth's Orientation Programme!

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           It's 3rd August today. The day when I joined Bharati Vidyapeeth in 2009 for my Graduation studies. I always believe that I found my self only after joining this college and interacting with faculties and children here. Cutting long story very very short, I am feeling quite honored to share it with all of you that Bharati Vidyapeeth gave me a call and asked me to be at their Orientation Ceremony for BBA-BCA new students and deliver a speech to motivate them and tell them about my experiences at college. I consider it a big achievement being called at my ex-college because of my achievements and establishments as the faculties said. I don't have the whole speech with me but I would like to share few paragraphs below that I spoke word to word. Rest was all spontaneous so let's not manipulate those words and write it in a formal language here. :-) 


 Good morning teachers and all my dear friends, or say, juniors, just to make myself feel better. It has been a huge privilege to be back at Bharati Vidyapeeth, an institution that made me realize what I am capable of. This is the first day of your college and from here starts a journey that will be one of the smoothest yet toughest endeavour, interesting yet sometimes boring, formal yet crazy sometimes and memorable yet painful, sometimes. When we leave school, we see lot of dreams about how we would be portraying our best in the college to make ourselves look different. In the same fight, some times we end up being one of the best students at college or worst. It’s totally about how we see our college as. If you are positive right from the time when you decided that you want to be in this college, you will strive harder to make something out of this pragmatism. But if you have started with negative thoughts and attitudes, you need rigorous training and that you shall be met with very soon. 
Similarly, even I joined this college, 5 years back, with lots of dreams and motivation, with a will to do something different and take something out from this college. My class had not many but only 28 students as BCA-BBA was just growing then. Today, the college is known for these courses. When I see this seminar hall, the canteen, the classrooms, the laboratories, the library, the staff-rooms, the play ground and washroom, well, yes, as it was also the best excuse to leave classroom for 5 minutes and get freshen up between the lecture, it gives me immense pride that I was part of it once. This was all mines. I stayed with it for 3 whole years and never ever felt that my institution is below par or less than any other college I know. 

  When I joined Bharati Vidyapeeth, I was someone who was capable of 85% in SSC boards but ended up with 61%. I had failed in 11th twice. Once scoring just 8% marks in PCM. Somehow I cleared 12th with 55% but still my score at PCM was 36-38-39. I needed guidance and teaching which could have brought the same person back who was expected to score 90%. And luckily, I was in Bharati Vidyapeeth by scoring the highest marks in CET from all the students who took admission with me here. That was the first time since the motivation started coming in. When I just entered the college, the whole campus, the way teachers greeted and accepted us, made us feel part of this institution took all the fear away that I came with. I was told not to be afraid of any senior as ragging and bullying isn’t allowed here.

      After 1.5 months, on 19th September, 2009, Fresher’s Party happened and I won Mr. Fresher. If you think that was because of my excellence, it’s a complete NO. My seniors encouraged me the moment they saw that someone is trying to deliver but has lots of doubts about him. They made me dance, sing, talk and show my skills that day. Hence I would also like all of you to walk together with your seniors. They are not bully. When they say that the college isn’t nice, ask them how we can make it better. Whenever you are in doubt regarding any subject, make sure that you meet the senior who topped in it that year. Take all the help that you need from them because if you will not go to them, remember, their ego will never make them come to you. It is you who will have to go and shake hands with them. 

     Later on, the college kept on encouraging me and converted an introvert into an extreme extrovert. Sometimes, college, itself suffered what it did to me. The result of it is that half of the times, in the 3rd year, I was made to stand out of the class. Now you must be thinking what great is about that. Even we can achieve this feat of being thrown away from the class from the first day itself. But this college made me perform solo at the ZEAL, the annual function of Bharati Vidyapeeth. It made me win 1st and 2nd position respective at Traditional Day for two consecutive years. I won Carrom singles and doubles in the same year. Though my class was one of the junior that year, our team went on winning 2nd prize for Volleyball in Sport’s Day. The first time that I donated blood was because of the camp this college arranged and asked us to be a part of this and thus, taught us humanity. I was also selected by my teachers to host and anchor the first orientation programme that was held for BBA-BCA in 2010. 

*I spoke something between these paragraphs that I don't remember anymore but it was regarding how Bharati Vidyapeeth made me an extrovert and how the new students here will have to develop an Entrepreneur in themselves*

  These qualities of leading, monitoring, dealing, negotiating, holding the command even in adversities, challenging the wrong, initiating the right, carrying the proper attitude and respecting everyone- either below or above me has been imbibed in me by the faculties of this institution. The discipline, punctuality and power of taking risks is been taught by this college time and again. It has been 2 years since I have left the college but I am in contact with almost all the teachers including HoD. That’s because I feel home here. I have found teachers listening to my problems whenever I had any. They have made sure that a talent does not get wasted here. They identified me as someone who had potential but could not stand for himself and made me walk, run and fly whenever an opportunity struck. And this, they have done not only with me but almost every student. 

      When you are asked to sit 75% of the times in college, remember, teachers are also allowing you to bunk and rest for 25% of the times. When you are asked to write assignments and journals, remember, you are also been given internal marks for that which increases your overall percentage. When you are asked to bring your parents at college, you are made to realize that you are not meant to take stupid decisions without discussing with your guardian. And remember, you are in an institution that has recently completed 50 years. It’s an honour to be here. You deserved and you are welcomed. Now it’s all upon you to utilize all the resources optimistically and leave this college with a new found person and spirit in you. My best wishes are with everyone and I hope, these 3 years will carve you in a better person and yes, an Entrepreneur. 


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