20 August 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Are you too right to be a human?

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  What happens when you become a character that is thoroughly under scrutiny and target? And why does that happen purposely with you? I have found that people who are high on morale and values, the ones who are having principles and love to stay by it are the ones who are proven wrong every now and then. It's not because they are wrong in every case, it's just because their righteousness becomes usual while any mistake they do becomes a highlight of their personality. Should such people lose their characters when they find that people around them are blaming them for small mistakes they did? No. They should understand that people like them are very less and hence, even your closest pals would like to drag you down up to their level which actually is, no level.

           I, myself, try to stay on my grounds but there are times when people accuse me of changing my views and stands conditionally. I don't believe it. I know that I am maturing every second, every minute and every hour against my friends who might be developing the same in a week or month. I read a lot and I love watching great interviews on Youtube and television. I get to learn new views and the ways to handle the same thing. My attitude today may be something else while dealing a problem. But if I see an interview of an entrepreneur/manager tonight, tomorrow I would deal it in a better way as that person would have taught. And I will see better results coming my way. In such scenarios, people start blaming that I am changed and still I ask my friends to follow what I do because it is what the better and successful people teach us. Damn! They would never understand the whole purpose of principles, values and morale.

           Today, Bal Thackeray isn't with us anymore. He has been one of the controversial figures of our time. But he is still respected because he lived life according to his terms and never let anyone else define his views and ideology. Why? Because somewhere he felt that what he is doing for his community can be done only in that way. All of us do criticize him but ask Marathi manoos, they still remember him for the person he was. Since, he have gone, they feel that they have lost a face that fought for them even when there are many Marathi leaders who promise of living for them. Why is he still being remembered? Because he was the one who didn't change himself by what his friends, media, newspapers, public, family etc suggested. He did what he knew was right and never worried if people said that Bal Thackeray's stand on the same issue have changed. That was him- Samrat!

             You should be strict with yourselves and if you find that you are always being correct with your expectations and specially, what is universally and morally right, you shouldn't fear anyone. Be the same with people around you if you find that they aren't the same according to your current ideology. But before this, you should be yourself sure that you are better manager/person than them. You should be assured that you are doing what the great leaders/people have taught and are teaching. And then you shouldn't worry about what your friends/colleagues think about you. If not today, they will surely understand what you were trying to deliver when they become as fledged as you. When my friends/readers see The Anupam Kher Show, they tell me that I have been saying the same thing since 5 years what those successful actors are speaking on the channel. What I speak is never my ideologies, it's what I learn from the words/actions/gestures of these great souls. 

           Hence, if you feel that you are right and you are doing exactly what people did to get successful, carry on with your ideas. People might leave you in this journey. People might blame you of being arrogant and selfish. People will also say that you live life just for you and you won't even offer water to the one who's dying of thirst. But if you know that from last 5 years, you have been telling the person to save water as one day scarcity of water would be there and still the person went on wasting the water supplied to him while you were substantially saving yours, you are totally right on morale grounds if you leave him dying. On humanitarian ground, you may be wrong and you shall always be blamed for that. But don't concentrate. Because the one who died was also wrong on the same grounds as he wasted water which could have been given to those in villages who get no water at all. So, stay by your ideology no matter what. :-)



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Asit Chaurasia said...

BIlkul sahi hia bhai :) It always feel good to read such kinds of posts from you..it allows me to think and I always try to change myself and people are not liking it and i have to keep thinking that whatever i am doing or saying is right or wrong!! keep posting yaar it gives answers to my life :) Thank you so much.

Karteek Sahukari said...

Abhi, I am following your blog from last 2 years and you know what.. I always used to come here whenever I feel low or confused and I get my answers right whenever I see such kind of posts from you. Keep them coming :)

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