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Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson (Book Review: 4.5*/5)!!!

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         A reader feels immense pride in reading novel of the country's best authors or his favorite ones. Talking about my country, there are four authors who stand out tall against others- Chetan Bhagat-Amish Tripathi-Ravi Subramanian-Ashwin Sanghi. The 2nd half of this year is exciting as 3 of the 4 authors mentioned above are releasing their latest book. Ashwin Sanghi has recently come up with "Private India", Ravi Subramanian is coming next month with "God is a Gamer" and Chetan Bhagat is coming in October with the most awaited book this year "Half Girlfriend". Truly an orgasmic height from a point of view of reader for me. Haha! I am just done reading Private India which is written by Ashwin Sanghi in association with James Patterson. This is his thickest book till date- 470 PAGES. 

          Ashwin Sanghi assures that with his book you will be gifted with an amazing thriller which will not let you think about anything else than the story. His last book- The Krishna Key has been my only experience as a reader where I witnessed his craft and it kept me glued to it for one whole day. Private India has just overtaken the power and brilliance The Krishna Key possesses. This shows that as an author and storyteller, Ashwin Sanghi has improved tremendously. Private India is written in small chapters which makes it easy for you to understand the story and not run in the flow of it. Every small scenario is written in a way that it gets its due and does not end up being unnoticed. 

           Ashwin Sanghi hasn't used big words to impress literati hence it becomes easy to go with the story without referring dictionary and skipping pages. Big fonts assures too many pages and with too many pages comes an impatient feeling of turning yet another page to find what happened next. The way suspense has been held throughout the book is commendable and it's hard for you to guess who is the serial killer. The characters are very well-built that even after more than dozens of people mentioned, you don't get confused with the names and profession. Santosh and Rupesh are best as protagonists and are expressed very well. Also, Nisha and Hari are interesting characters along with Mubeen.

          The story line isn't much confusing. The plot is simple but the twists, turns, suspense, thriller and excitement attached with it plays its part. Even when the book is 470 pages, I don't find a single page which is unwanted. Every word had an effect on the story and that's what Ashwin Sanghi along with James Patterson does with us. Doesn't allow us to sleep. I completed this book in just 2 evening and it has been a wonderful experience as a reader. If you are thriller fan, this one is surely for you and if you are Sanghi's fan, just go for it- You will be mind blown and won't stop applauding the author for unlocking the new level of excitement. I give this book an amazing 4.5*/5.



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