5 August 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Sad Friendship Day! That's how I wish people :-)

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    And the Friendship Week is on. Testosterone levels are high of every young sample walking, sitting, talking, sleeping, chatting around me. People are getting messages scribbled on their T shirts from their friends to keep it as memory for life. Others are tying Friendship Band to each other and letting the person know how much they consider him/her in life. I have also seen people give away Greeting cards and chocolates. Some friends in groups are cutting a cake which has names of each of them on it. And just now I saw someone update his cover photo which is clicked at a beach with almost 35 friends in it. I am surprised to see that 35 people got together to celebrate Friendship Day at a beach. Amazing! World is seriously jobless, isn't it? :-)

           Friendship is a relationship that every person handles in their own way. You can not ask me to be friends with someone you share a good relationship just because you get along with that person quite nicely. A friend of mine may be very interesting and funny to me but for you, he may be one of the very boring people you ever met. Friendship, hence, can not be defined with specified universal rules. Everyone have their own rules when they make friends. I am astonished to see my generation involving all their life time on friends as if they are the ones who are going to feed them till death. In our parent's generation, it was said that 80% amount of money is spent in religion. For our generation, it can be undoubtedly said that 80% amount of money is spent on Friendship. The way religion gives nothing, Friendship is more evil as it only takes away something from our life.

          There can be 3-4 very good friends who would have done something which must have brought a big positive change in your life; considering them as your friends looks justified. But calling 10-20 people and in the above case, 35 your friends and wasting money and time with them is one of the stupidities that you shall regret once your 20s and 30s will pass away. This is the time that should be devoted on yourself and your targets, goals and objectives but people are so busy in spending time with their friends that they are not realizing an important part of their life is passing away in front of their eyes. And when you question them, they say,"Arre yaar kuch hi mahine toh baaki hai fir ye dost kahaan milenge." Yes, ye waale nahi milenge lekin chutiyon, naye waale bhi toh banenge. 

           When you have such a passion for Friendship, you will surely make new friends at job and the new city you would be shifting to. But all of you have closed your mind whenever such topic is been touched as you can't imagine sitting at home and working on something very important for you. The visuals that you get are of getting selfies with your friends, going to trips to as many places as possible, watching movies and spending whole evening with these temporary friends. And if you are about to challenge me that these aren't temporary friends, just remember how many of those school friends are still with you? 1 or 2, right? From the current phase too, only 1 or 2 will stay with you for ever, so please stop considering everyone you are sitting with in classroom/office as your friends and start focusing on your family, studies, job, career, savings, money, investments, development, family business etc. PLEASE! FRIENDSHIP is BULLSHIT! And also FRIENDSHIP DAY is. Understand that before you are left alone and all friends with whom you have uncountable selfies moves ahead in life. 



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