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Planet B 2 by M C Raj (Book Review- 4*/5)!!!

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      If you ask me, what books make me read them in a go and what make me read them 50 pages/day, I would say a book that's wonderful but written in a slow pace is read by me part by part. I did the same with this amazing book called "Planet B2". It also has the tagline "Human War against Nature". It's written by M. C. Raj, an experienced personality and a prominent writer. This 433-pages novel is published by Partridge publishers, a Penguin Random House company. I am amazed at the quality of books Partridge are publishing these days. Though they are available for big prices at Flipkart and other websites but still they are worth it. Every book that I am reading by them, I am looking forward for more books. Planet B2 is again one more name that I will add in the awesome books list of Partridge Publishers. 


M C Raj creates a new planet with life. No wonder that Americans want to occupy it. The hitch is that the beings in PlanetB2 are cosmic formed out of the entropy of life giving waves. Not only they but also many human beings oppose the over ambitious project of Rustler, the US President who decides to destroy the planet if his plans failed. All the missions of Rustler's to PlanetB2 fail and in total frustration he turns his ire towards all those who oppose him on earth. He forms Earth Alliance. Those who oppose him under the leadership of the German Chancellor form the Cosmic Alliance. Plumbel, the close friend of Rustler's is the kingpin of the formation of Cosmic Alliance. Another world war becomes inevitable. Humanity is destroyed in the NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) war that ensues. What happens to Rustler, what happens to the cosmic beings, what happens to world leaders and Plumbel etc. are brought out in many plots by weaving by the author. War strategies, information galore, creation of a new planet and a new way of life for peace and non-violence are bound to enthrall the readers and compel them to extricate the many plots. A festive time is ahead

            M. C. Raj has attempted a Sci-fi book which is very rarely attempted by authors of India and even if they do it, the book doesn't get better responses. But the way Raj has written with great insights, I felt as if I was watching a Hollywood flick throughout the duration of 10 days for which I read this book part by part because it had too many pages to consume all in a go. :-) Raj hasn't used great technical languages, usually which the authors use in such kind of books. He has kept the book straight and less confusing which makes it easy for you to remember the incidents and chapters even when you pick book again after reading half of it. I only felt that the book was written quite in slow pace but still, it manages to hold you back because you want to know what happened at the last in the fight of human vs alien and human vs human. 

             Book tells it clearly how America, the superpower, wants to conquer not only the world but universe too. The state of mind of its President is shown bluntly and truthfully without hiding any fact. You will feel that you are reading a true tale of USA because that's what we have kept hearing and seeing in all these years. The character of Rustler is wonderfully described and maintained throughout the book. His bad attitude pays off and that's what I was waiting to read. The book really starts when Carolina is introduced to the new planet and its logic about cosmic. The whole Science described is an amazing read. The launch of Big Belly4 is stated anxiously and I liked reading the emotions of Rustler, Plumbel and other people engaged with the project. Later on, I loved the short-time chemistry between Plumbel and Marissa. The Native America's description by the author through the character Marissa is described passionately which makes you love the place and its people. 

            The second part of the book becomes a thriller-kind-of-a-thing when all countries starts protesting against Rustler's theory. I also liked the concept of World War been brought up in the story. It was much needed. I loved the way Carolina and Marissa's transformations happen in another planet. It is very exciting to read the changes in their life because of being in another planet among another people. I loved the concept that the aliens aren't shown as villains but genuine beings. The anti-climax and climax will just take you off your seat. I recommend this book to all the Hollywood movie lovers especially the one which has fight between aliens and humans involved. I give this novel- 4 out of 5.


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