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Interview with Anjaly Thomas, author of Almost Intrepid!!!

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I got a wonderful opportunity to interview Anjaly Thomas. Do read it. You will enjoy.

1.       How was it, Anjaly, writing a travel book, a concept which is not much popular in India? And that too, by a woman, it’s not even thought of.

I absolutely loved writing Almost Intrepid, for me it was like going on those journeys all over again. Travel is getting popular in India, although backpacking is a rather new concept. When writing write my experiences, I realized just how little information there was about backpacking in general – forget backpacking for a single Indian woman. I thought it best to lead by example.

2.       Some of your descriptions are so wonderful that I wish I can go for traveling to some place with you. Am I allowed? If its yes, what would be your tips to me? 

As you read in the book, it is about (me) a solo Indian woman backpacking around the world, climbing mountains and trekking in jungles – but the one essential component is that (she) is always alone. So, I guess, joining me on a journey is a bit off the mark – plus you might end up hating the way I travel. 

3.       What is your feeling after being an author? What’s your perspective about life now after achieving a rare flagship in your life? 

Being an author is always a great feeling because you have breathed life into every word in the book. I have written other books before, like Lonely Planet guides etc, but this is special because it is my own experience – and I created each of those experiences.

It is true there are very few female travel writers, but let’s hope someone who has read Almost Intrepid will one day be inspired to write and travel as well. 

 4.       How much long did it take to write this book from the moment you started developing to start writing it till completing it finally with editing and all?

When I sat down to write, it took me about 6 months from start to finish.  It was like cramming years of travel in 220 pages but I had as much fun writing it. Each page I wrote brought back smiles.

5.       How did you develop the confidence of publishing your photographs in almost every chapter? Was it to attract male readers like me? (just kidding)

I think the credit goes to my publishers (Konark, New Delhi) for taking a bold new step with this book.  There is only so much you can stretch your imagination when it comes to reading a travel book – but have one pic, you will see how it changes everything. So that’s what we did. I think it was a brilliant idea. Having a picture also shows the author just as any other normal person. You don’t need to imagine what it is to be like eating a tarantula – you just see it, smile and perhaps give it a try.

6.       Indian Publishing is too hard to deal with, was it easy for you to get a Publisher or did u wait for a long time to get your work published?

 I guess patience pays! I am not sure about how hard it is, but I can this for sure – if you have a good story, people are willing to read it.

7.       What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?

Getting the love of readers, of course – I really would love to see more people backpacking, living it up and not sticking to an established method of traveling out of a suitcase.

8.       By when are you coming up with your next novel? And if possible, do give us an idea about what it would be.

Soon. I can’t tell you all that will be in it just yet – but it is definitely as interesting as the first. I’d say wait for it. Let me not kill your surprise for you.

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