11 March 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

How dignified is your Group of Friends?

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     To survive in life, we all need a group. A group of friends who will always remain by our side in no matter what the situation would be. Even if we get stuck in something that's illegal and unappreciative, even then we want them to come and stand by our side though they might hit us after we are released from that specific problem. I have found many people feeling loneliness and pain when they find that they have no one around who will be with them in the moments of challenges and attacks. You get more pain when the group dejects you and says that you are no one to be with them anymore. All the moments flashes in front of our eyes as if it was just yesterday that we became a pat of this group and all the happiness has been shared within the time zone of 24 hours. That's hoe fresh the memories with group of friends are. 

            When we talk about the group, do we consider that we need a leader to initiate things and guide everyone out of the problem whenever there is any? If a group does not have a leader, that group couldn't survive for long. That's for sure. Any organization, school or college, if you consider this in a formal approach, couldn't run if it does not have the right leader. Even a whole country falls just because of bad attitude of its minister/s. But it comes upon the ego of the youngsters when they are told that someone of their own age would be leading them in spite of having the same eligibility and status as of him/her. And hence, this never gets initiated and the group keeps maligning their name and performance day by day. There should be someone in every team who should tell if everyone is doing right or wrong. 

            I remember I was sitting in Inorbit Mall with my friends when a big group of boys and girls came and sat besides us. They were here to celebrate someone's birthday among them. My head started aching just seeing such a large group as I knew that they are going to make high decibels of noise by laughing, shouting, screaming and clapping. To my surprise, they were quiet and one among them was regularly making them decrease their voices whenever they got carried away with the entertainment they were having. I liked the attitude of that guy as he managed the whole thing so well that I couldn't believe a group of 15 people who came to celebrate someone's birthday can do the whole process so silently and within the rules of etiquette. 

           Last week, I was in train and suddenly a group comprising of boys and girls came in my coach and sat in the last seats of it. Half of their group stood at the door of the train. Now they started shouting and referring each other disturbing the whole coach by their activities. It became so irritating at a moment that an uncle and aunty sitting in front of me changed their coach after 2 stations making faces at them. Still, idiots remain idiots. Later on, a girl from the group had to get down at Kharghar station and her friend, a boy, blocked her way. She started pushing him and hurling abuses in fun. Though it was in fun but it looked so cheap and disgusting in the coach that everyone was looking at them and then towards each other and speaking something very low about them. Later on, the boy held her thighs when she was about to cross him and girl, rather than reciprocating strongly enjoyed it and kept shouting and screaming while others from their group kept shouting. This was so shameless and dirty that I wanted to slap each one of them. 

          Similarly, I and my friends met for a Reunion last month. Later on, we went to a restaurant to have a light dinner. As soon as we entered the restaurant and settled ourselves, these friends of mine started making idiotic comments on almost everything in the restaurant. The waiters were standing at our table. They started looking at us weirdly and angrily. I tried to control my friends a lot but as it is said, you cannot straighten a dog's tail. They continued doing the same and I kept praying that the food gets over soon so that I am out of this restaurant never to come back for a Re-union with these people again. 

          Whenever you are with your group of friends, anywhere in public, you should make it sure that you aren't making any noises that's disturbing others. I remember I was going with my parents to North. There was this group of 7-8 boys and 2 girls. They were in our section itself. The kind of attitude and behavior they showed throughout the journey assured me and my parents that there are some good children still in the world. They were playing Antakshari in soft voice so that it doesn't disturb anyone else. They were laughing and fighting in a tone that doesn't affect others. Whenever they were having tea, they kept ordering it for me and my parents too because we were in the same section. Later on, even we purchased lots of fruits and ate with that group. This is how they earned our respect and I still remember that journey as one of my best and entertaining journeys. 

           Next time you go out with your friends, remember, others shouldn't look at your group with disgrace and anger. In fact, they should be so happy that even they laugh on your jokes and enjoy whatever your group is functioning at that point of time. Its only upon you to earn respect or lose it just for showing others how cool your team is. Be cool, be stylish, be happening but don't be loud, aggressive, abusive and mischievous in public. All can be done in certain limits and respectable compositions. Maintain the dignity and make sure that next time when you face the same people, you can expect a wide smile from them rather than dirty faces. 

 Thanks a lot.


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Soulmate said...

How dignified is your group of friends? I thought the answer is a big 'Thenga', after looking at the picture. Or a lot of thengas. But thats just so not the case. :)

Once I was travelling with my friends in a train. We had both boys and girls in our group. We were creating such a racket in the compartment, myself included, that we got harsh staring and scoldings from the crowd. So we decided to change our behaviour, to show that we were grownups indeed.:) We played dumb charades. Quite silent and peaceful. By watching us pass the most trickiest Bollywood film names, others got interested in our game as well. One old uncle stopped reading his newspaper to see our game. An aunty enthusiastically joined in. She came in my group. When I got to enact for the movie 'char chalis ki last local', I moved my hands around wildy, hitting the compartment walls, pointing at the train. A man from an upper berth, two rows away, stretched himself and shouted 'Chennai Express??' Guess where was the train going? :)

The point is, if friends try to behave or even one friend in a group tries to control any bad going situation, it can be done.

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