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Shaadi ke Side Effects: An Absolute Entertainer!!!

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects (English: The Side Effects of Marriage) is a 2014 Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Saket Chaudhary and starring Farhan Akhtar alongside Vidya Balan in lead roles. It was released on 28 February 2014. The film is produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Pritish Nandy Communications. The film is about a young couple who experience many comic events after their marriage. At the box office, the film started off slow, then jumped over the weekend before slumping on Monday.

          I have seen Pyaar ke Side Effects in bits and whatever I have seen of it, I must say it's quite entertaining. When you come to know that a movie is about to release in the same franchisee that entertained and didn't disappoint you the last time, you start expecting lot from it. Shaadi ke Side Effects won my heart in the promo itself especially with the song, Oh Pappe Shaadi kar ke pachtaya. Finally, I watched the movie and my final verdict is that I enjoyed it a lot. Saket Chaudhary, not being from a very elite director's list, manages to make a movie which looks flawless and entertains you till the end. The work that he has done through this movie makes us wait for more comical errors kind of movie from him. :-)

           Farhan Akhtar does wonderfully well as a frustrated husband who wants his marriage to work but is continuously disappointed with his wife's engagement with the newly born daughter. He does not overdoes anything in the movie and makes everything look natural. It's very hard to act these roles in a balanced way without making it look like a piece of over-acting. Vidya Balan also plays her part naturally and makes a good mother on screen. I loved watching her in a movie as of such because whenever we see her, it's about serious women-oriented movies. This time she does well with this genre. The chemistry between Farhan and Vidya is as amazing as it could have been.

          The first 20 minutes of the movie is too laughable. It comes with a good start. Because it comes with such a great start, in the middle of it, you start feeling as if you are lost because there's less comedy and more of frustration between characters. The most funny part in the beginning in when Farhan keeps on changing the instrument which shows pregnancy results. Another great moment is when he comes with a balloon tied on his belly to feel the fatherhood. When it bursts, the emotion that Farhan displays is more funnier than anything in the movie. His venturing out in a Paying Guest House is another add-on in the movie. Every interaction of Farhan with Ram Kapoor is entertaining and worth listening. Vir Das has also done his part perfectly. I loved when Vidya gets pregnant for the 2nd time and shocks Farhan with it. But the way, the last minute of the movie is shown made me smile even after the movie ended. Vidya pulled off that scene quite well. I would ask everyone to watch it for once. It's in the lines of Heyy Babyy!!!



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