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An Immortal Story by Satyendra Dhariwal (Book Review)!!!

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      This is the 3rd time when I am talking about a book that has yet not officially released. It's always fun in reviewing a book of which you are one of the first readers. This time I am talking about "An Immortal Story". The tag line of the book says "A Tale of Tolerance Beyond Limit". As a reader, even I felt the same while reading the book. It's written by the debutante author, Satyendra Dhariwal, under the publisher "Ayush Books". It's my first experience of both and frankly speaking, I didn't enjoy it much. I felt that a book which could have been easily completed in 125-150 pages was dragged for as long as 335 pages. The same story keeps on going for every 120-130 pages and then comes a minute twist and the story is back to the same thing for next hundred pages. For many a times, I felt like skipping some pages but expecting something new to happen, I continued, but Alas!

Overview - An Immortal Story : A Tale Of Tolerance Beyond Limit

Do you have a permanent dream? I know the answer of the majority will be yes. Vinayak(the lead character) had one too. But what if your dream will scatter like a pack of cards and it becomes certain that you can never achieve your goal.

What if you lose someone dear, your studies left in between, unwillingly get married at an early age, have to bear most of the responsibilities and internal strife of your joint family (that too at an early age), hated by your wife and in-laws, lose your health andnatural-you and finally find yourself doing an unwanted 3rd grade clerical job.

Is it possible to see another dream now(while pain for the first one still lingers), is it possible to focus when you are struggling for almost everything? The answer is yes. This is a story of a boy who lost precious years of his early twenties just to find out what could be his second dream since from childhood he wanted to do something ‘big.’ He had to fight almost everything to achieve his dream. An Immortal Story is the story of struggle with own, struggle for love, struggle with life, with society and for career. This is the story of tolerance beyond limit. If you are down in any field of life this story will hold your hand, let you up and give the courage to follow your positive side of heart. Welcome to ‘An Immortal Story’–A life-giving tale.

About The Author
Satyendra Dhariwal is a 24 years old guy living in dhandhar; a small village in jhunjhunu (Rajasthan). He lost his interest in studies after 10+2 and never stepped on the sill of college. His mind wandered in uncertainty for along time until his wife (Vanita) discovered an author in him. He also loves to write poetry.
       Coming to the author's writing style, I would say its fine but not something that's different and unique. If he could have created a story himself and given it a shape through his imaginations, it would have looked beautiful on papers but writing a normal story by adding few twists has made it very boring. He could have added elements into the story to make it look more interesting but he chose to keep it more real than fictitious where the main problem lies. With more reading and writing, I am sure he will turn out to be a good story teller in his second venture.

           I liked the way book started with a Prologue. It was damn interesting and I looked forward towards the main story. Even the initial chapters is wonderful when Vinayak is been introduced and his love for Cricket is written about. Author has defined a very different message of how one can achieve success even with carrying negative thoughts and attitude. The two poems that come in between is specific and related to the story. I liked those poems. I liked the part when his marriage comes in between and he has to agree citing some reasons. Until the marriage, book goes in a wonderful direction but suddenly, author becomes steady and keeps on writing only conversations that happens between the protagonists. I felt like talking to some girl on phone than reading these chats pages after pages.

            It seemed as if there's no story at all except showing how loser the man in the story is who didn't like doing job and sat at home. Later on, when the protagonist finds a secret about his wife, book becomes interesting again but loses the plot again. The anti-climax is again readable. Author has himself rated his story as amazing through Vipul's words, what can I say anymore over this? But I liked the philosophical contents in the book that author keeps on speaking about time after time. If you are about to buy this book, buy it for those words than for the story.

P.S.: You can download first three chapters for free from here -- http://authorsatyendra.com/index.html.

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After reading three chapters, it is seeming an interesting story. I am waiting for i's release, eager to complete.

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