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All I need is, just you! by Vijay Mane (Book Review- 2.5*/5)!!!

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          I am done reading a short love story named "All I Need is, Just You!" written by the debutante Vijay Mane. It's a self-published stuff where the author himself has designed the cover page. It took me just 1.5 hours to complete 148-pages book. Author has tried to balance the book with the corporate life of Sameer as well as his love tale with Nidhi. This novel could have been a big blunder if author would not have discussed the corporate life as he did because reading a pure love story is out of fashion these days and readers get bored easily. As there are already challengers in this very genre among the writing industry, a writer should be very specific and creative when he attempts to write a love story pulp fiction for youth. 

Sameer and Nidhi, both engineering graduates bump into each other while working for Elaviacorp, Mumbai. Though Sameer’s heart skips a beat when he sees Nidhi, he couldn’t express his feelings for her. However, he gets a single chance to talk to her. The conversation starts with a birthday email to her and turns into late night messages. As the love blossoms, eventually, two hearts become one.

However, something goes wrong. The incidents happening around them change individual perceptions. Misunderstandings creep in the relationship. Patience turns into frustration. As they both are on the threshold of adolescence, the level of understanding causes them to part from each other. The relationship goes into a breakup.

Will they make up and come together? Can a single call from a stranger change everything?

    Vijay Mane has good stories to tell which is quite evident from his first book. His wit of writing just 148 pages book when he knew that his story is simple is something I would appreciate him for. Right from the first page till the end, even when there's not much happening with the story, he has that little power of engaging his readers. He just needs to add lots of emotions in the story to engage his readers and make them laugh and cry with him. This is something that didn't happen with me. I just kept it reading and reading and reading without feeling any emotion within me. That's the issue.

           The best thing about the book is how Banerjee at the office is discussed. :-) I also liked that one incident where the supplier is paid 7 times more than the usual amount which builds some tension in the book. The initial surface in the love story is also entertaining. I loved few of those diary parts that's revealed during anti-climax moments. The problem that I had with the author was not adding charms to the character of Nidhi. He didn't let his readers fall in love with the character as Chetan Bhagat makes us fall in love with all his characters like Neha and Ananya. Even in climax, when he gets to know a very bad news, I expected lots of narrative of emotions that could have made me feel weaker on my knees but Alas! If ever I will recommend this book to anyone, it would be for all the corporate things that are discussed. I give the book 2.5 out of 5 and wish author all the best for his next novel.


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