8 March 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Women's Day to all the Men!!! Yes!!!

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  A very Happy International Women's Day to all the men out there. Yes, you read it right. It's our privilege to have women in our life. Without them, we can not imagine ourselves doing or planning anything. I remember how I start planning whenever I realize that my mother's birthday is about to arrive. I raised this point in the 2nd line itself because she is going to celebrate it exactly after a month and I am already earning and saving for her. Why do we, boys, make so much effort to celebrate or impress our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, lovers and daughters? Why don't we find ourselves this nervous when another male friend of ours is about to celebrate his birthday? Because these ladies do so much for us that we know, anything that we will do can never touch the amount of hospitality and care they show for us.

         Women brings colors to a man's life with all her charms and childishness. Men are always serious about their career, money, children etc. If women will not try to make them smile or laugh, no men will ever celebrate happiness the way he does. I remember when I was having my Driving course some weeks before. Whenever I used to drive the Honda City of my Driving school for around 6 kilometers every day, the only thing after which gear to hit I used to think was- When will I get an opportunity to have my mother sitting besides me with pride on her face when I'll be taking her a long drive in my own car? I used to become more conscious and serious about my driving then as I didn't want to let my mother feel down because of my inabilities of driving properly. Last time, I gave her Microwave oven as gift and every time she turns it on, she smiles looking at me. That's all we, men, want in life. Our favorite women smiling and reason being us.

        Whenever I feel down, I always have my mother on my side. She understands as soon as I enter home after wasting whole day in college that he is unhappy about something. After changing, when I sit on the couch, she comes and asks me sweetly if I am facing some trauma which is disturbing me. If I deny, she makes it sure that she will insist me till the time I do not reveal the issue to her. Similarly, when I am in college and I am not very happy or satisfied about something, my friend, Vandana, is the first person to come to me and ask why am I behaving weirdly. She asks me the issue and after I am completed, she tries to justify me that I should not get worried about small things in life. I just can not imagine my life heading towards success if these women would not support me emotionally. 

         A man does so much for a smile on his woman's face that when a rapist harms her, he burns into fire and wants to fight against system and government single-handed. A father or brother beats up a boy only when they find that their daughter or sister is been harassed by some stupid idiot guy. There are incidences when a boy sees right from his childhood that his mother is been physically assaulted by the father, and after he is physically strong, he either hits father or kills him. This is crime according to the law but emotionally, it's a justice given to his mother who gave all her life to him even after being continuously snubbed by the child's father. Today, more than women, men are frustrated and sad seeing the amount of rapes happening and how insecure their women are. Women make a generalized statement against men every time a rape happens but they do not realize it how much it hurts. On this Women's Day, the only request I have for the women is to understand that rapists and men are two different species. Please do not associate us with those ***holes. My love and respect goes to each and every girl reading this post. Happy Women's Day to you.



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Soulmate said...

Happy women's day to you too! Feeling quite refreshed after reading this blog post. :)

Anonymous said...

great post, i must say. I can only agree to whatever u have written. Especially
the first para where u mentioned abt how v take out our time in
creating a special day for all the women in our life. Special mention
about the line where u explained about how ur mother and ur friend
helps u. while reading the rest of the post, I , being a man loved
this but i doubt whether a woman reading this would feel the same. I
felt that this post to b in an apologetic tone and also about what the
non-rapist (real men) do for keeping the women happy.

Vaishali Mathur in her recent fb post said that "the reason
behind having a special day for women and not for men is bcoz
excluding 8th of march, rest all days are specially for men"

Pooja Mahimkar said...

That is a amazing post... I hardly came across a post highlighting the importance that a man feels about the woman in his life and this is indeed beautiful.

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