18 March 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Bewakoofiyaan: Watch it if you are a Bewakoof!!!

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    Last night after I got my mind heavy reading a mythological fiction novel, I thought of watching a light movie and ended up doing Bewakoofiyaan of watching Bewakoofiyaan. Film stars Ayushmann Khurana (last seen in Nautanki Saala which was a disaster) and Sonam Kapoor(last seen in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag- a Superhit). It also stars Rishi Kapoor playing father of Sonam Kapoor in the movie. In one of the press report, I found them promoting the movie saying that it will be interesting for audience to see Rishi and Sonam together after their comments on each other during that one episode of Kofee with Karan. I don't think that someone gives damn to such issues while spending their hard-earned money on a movie ticket. I didn't check out the chemistry of both the actors even once while watching the movie. 

          Film is produced by Aditya Chopra who is producing any kind of movies these days losing the integrity that Yash Raj Banners once had. Film is written by Habib Faisal who also wrote Ishaqzaade before this. His last attempt had a good plot but this one seems to be a meaningless script. I would have loved to see some wonderful heart touching pieces in the movie related to joblessness and recession but I got to watch nothing except something that can be called as "the lowest quality in the level of mediocrity". Movie is directed by Nupur Asthana who directed Mujhse Fraandship Karoge before this. There's a big problem in direction department too as nothing amazes you right from start to the end. Not even a single scene from this movie is going to stay in my mind for life. Even the music and songs of the movie are as forgettable as God, Allah aur Bhagwan from Krrish 3. 

          The concept of recession and how it affects an individual's life is clearly depicted in the movie but there's no solution provided to it throughout. Film deliver a message that if there's love between two people, money does not matter and they can survive with each other's support. Bull Shit! In which century is writer writing? In each scene, he shows how Ayushmann gets frustrated because of several taunts, insult and humiliation he has to face without money. He even breaks up with his partner, Sonam Kapoor, on the matter of money still in the end of the movie, we are given this message and exited out. And what review does director and writer expect from me after this? The only thing worth shown in the movie is how Sonam Kapoor starts taking big assignments for Dubai in her Corporate life, gets promotion and rather than crying over the broken relationship, she improvises herself.

           Ayushmann does powerful acting in the section where the defeats are been shown one after the another because of joblessness. His helplessness every time he goes to impress Rishi Kapoor is also funny to see. But talking about Sonam Kapoor, her acting looks good when she is shown from a farther frame. As soon as a close up is given at her, you can find an expression of North and situation talking about South. Her facial expressions have nothing to do with the situation she is playing. Talking about Rishi Kapoor, last time I saw him was in D-Day where he looks a cartoon playing Dawood Ibrahim. This time he disappointed more by playing a character who seems to overact almost every point of time. Not even a single scene where father-daughter relationship is emotionally shown or Indian things like that. This movie is actually what its title suggests. If you want to be one of the Bewakoofs watching it, go for it. 



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Soulmate said...

I became a bewakoof as well. Not by watching the film. But after spending money on such a film! Expected something fresh and new, considering the lead pair. But I made a big bewakoof of myself, for expecting too much from the film!

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