4 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha


1009th BLOG POST -->>

     Aaah!!! So it's first post in this New Year- 2014!!! I know I am late but I am not apologizing for it because my blog was stuck in some technical snag. I know you hate this term because every damn organization gives the same excuse for not meeting up the customer's requirement. I am doing the same being shameless. Even this is a talent you know. :-) New Year's best wishes to all of you. I am sure all of you have recovered from your hangover of 31st December's New Year Party. There's no meaning of celebrating if you can not see the coming year as your biggest and best year till date. I acknowledge my life more than anyone else. If someone sees my life and feels that "I wish I could have led his life" then definitely, I should be the bigger fan of my life. And I am sure that a beggar who sees me entering the food joint- Mc Donald's would be thinking to be me in his next birth. Well, how lucky I am then to have the dream life of someone in this birth itself. Hence, with every New Year coming near, I start planning for it desperately because I can't afford wasting a year on the name of passing time and mentioning dates of future as provenance of starting something good. If it has to, it should be from the first day itself.

         Remember the biggest mantra for making a Year successful is by concentrating on your daily routine because- A Day Is Your Life In Miniature. The way you spend a day shows what kind your life if going to be. If you waste your day in playing games, watching movies, crickets, surfing facebook, roaming with friends, peeping into your whatsapp, then be assured that you are not going to get a life better than this. Your whole life will go into this. Hence, assure yourself that each day of yours will actually be fruitful and productive. Make your routine, stick it adjacent to your mirror, on the backside of your toilet door(so that while shitting, you can actually read what you had planned for yourself) and keep it as your desktop's wallpaper on laptop and mobile. It will keep reminding you that you didn't want to settle for mediocrity but approach for excellence. Every time you will open your laptop, the wall paper will make you feel ashamed of yourself that you have been wasting your life in Facebook. When the same wall paper will look at you through your mobile, it will make you realize that Whatsapp, Temple Run and Subway Surfer aren't going to place you anywhere in life.

           Strive to make your today better in any case. Don't sleep until you feel that you have done all the necessary jobs of the day. Sachin Tendulkar says that he used to rush to the Shivaji Maidan as soon as he used to get up. Only after completing his practice session, he used to be back home. Amitabh Bachchan starts his day with gym and work and only after finishing off his whole day, he logs into Twitter, Facebook and Blog and passes time with his fans and admirers. These personalities are not meant only to waste our time in experiencing their excellence but also to learn that we are also meant for something. If you do not know what you are actually made up for, keep continuing with your academics as the only thing you know in life. Die in learning each and every topic so that tomorrow when you give any interview in your life, the interviewer carries you with him in any damn condition, let it be a recession or inflation. Catch something and give everything of yours to excel in it. Don't mind what your parents, best friends, partner, lover, neighbours and teachers think about it. Only focus on what you want from it. And believe me, you will achieve it.

            It's said better late than never. It's useful to keep the flame of passion ignited throughout our life even if we are facing storm or any kind of havoc. Challengers, achievers and winners are those who keeps standing on their crease until the last ball is bowled. That's the one who is called "Man of the Match". Life will see ups and downs but its you who knows what strength you carry in yourself. Until you don't go to gym, you feel you can not be strong. Until you don't pick a book with high vocabulary, you feel that you will never understand literature. Until you don't propose a girl, you think that the girl does not even know that you exist in this world. :-) I am sure the last example was quite clear to you. Remain focused throughout the year on some specific things and be assured that some day, you are going to be seen by people as the one who didn't give up and gave them an example that they will keep on passing generation after generation. I am sure YOU ARE GOING TO BE LEGEND. Waiting to hear the same from your side for yourself. :-) 

 Thanks. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all the readers of my Blog. Also pass my wishes to your family. 


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Soulmate said...

Nice post Abhi! I can relate to so many things in this blog. For example, at the end of each day, I reflect back to what I had done the whole day in terms of productivity and new learning. If I realize that I haven't done or learnt anything further up to my expectations, I feel unsatisfied. I feel completely let down and feel like slapping myself for wasting my whole day. I strive to do more the next day. The advice you have given about sticking one's routine adjacent to a mirror or on desktop wallpaper is worth trying. I'll do it except sticking it behind the toilet door. Else my roommates may think I have gone mad and get scared for my sanity. But I shouldn't be minding on what they think right? Just should focus on completing my routine. :-)

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