29 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Hope this Republic Day changes our mindset!!!

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     Two days ago we celebrated our Republic Day. Congratulations to all of us and let's hope that our country progresses continuously. We are already one of the best developing nations in the world. The only problem is that our Ministers and Governments aren't being ethical. Whenever leadership is being talked, the first quality that's been discussed is of being ethical. The biggest leader is the Government of any country as it has to manage the whole nation and its citizens. It's not a piece of cake to manage but a very big plethora of responsibility. But this can not be the excuse for our ministers to make. They have themselves chosen to be a politician, minister and public servant. If they fail to do it, they should themselves surrender the post and position rather than staying at it and ruining the condition of country day by day. 

            When we criticize our Government, we should make it sure if we are doing our best in nurturing and protecting our nation. It is said that country is our mother but actually, it's like our child. Until and unless, we will not handle it with care, it will never develop into a good country. We never feel privileged of what we have got. We are always interested in complaining and crying over whatever our country does not possesses but we never cherish the properties that we already have. Our own countrymen, while roaming in another country, ensures that they do not spit here and there but as soon as they land in India, they start spitting within an hour itself. This is how we shower our respect towards country. Somewhere down the line, our Government isn't the only one to be blamed. If we want our Government to work appropriately, we should be the one helping them out. 

              Whenever we discuss about our country, we talk only about the worst that has happened in all these years. We never acknowledge the fact that there are so many good things that our country proudly owns. We never talk about the wonderful things Gandhiji had done but we only point out his wrong decision of partitioning India and causing havoc. This is how we have turned pessimistic about out country. Sadly, we have ourselves corrupted our country more than our politicians have. We have not been the citizens that we could have. If we would have tried to be like the American or European citizens who make it sure that they follow the system of their country so that nothing gets out of the track, even our Government had to change itself and bring themselves to the level of Superpowers. Let's hope on this Republic Day we will change our attitude and think a bit about our nation, our child. 


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Yogesh said...

True! i was tagged in a gandhi pic captioned 'KIS BAAT KA MAHATMA THA YE, JANIYE IS KUTTE KA SACH' by a guy who may have given greater sacrifices than gandhi himself for the country.

Soulmate said...

We call our country our motherland. To think of it as a child, one that has to be nurtured and taken care of, is good thinking. Never thought on these lines before....

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