16 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

And there's no one like our Soldiers!!!

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     It's quite late night and I remember the days when I used to blog only after my clock used to strike 2 AM. :-) For a writer, it's fun to put his thoughts into words when he finds peaceful and serene environment. Today, we celebrated National Army Day. Whenever we talk about Army, we always talk with respect. We know how our nation is still standing tall even when we have enemies right across our borders. When we get to know at the personal level that someone in our own town can come anytime to create ruckus at our society or home, we get so scared that we sit with lights closed and door locked from outside. We feel that we should have had an arm or ammunition so that we could have handled the person ourselves. This is how our country, India, is protected by the hands of these great people standing at the border sacrificing all the fun and frolic of life.

             I dream a lot about a foreign job because I want to live in a society that's well developed and systematic. Many people say that you can have World Tours there even if you aren't working there but I insist on going. But the only thing that makes my drop my plan of foreign job is the sacrifices that I will have to make by living away from my family (Well the real reason is that I know I will never get selected for such a designated position abroad :-)). The word "sacrifice" carries a lot of meaning behind it which can only be understood by the person who's sacrificing. When a normal student sacrifices his slumbers, he is seen as if he is behaving like a God and he's not a human anymore. When a sportsman slog for 23 years on field to play Cricket, he is literally termed as God. Can you imagine the sacrifices that our Army have done to make it sure that we feel secure about our life?

           I remember that I was traveling by train to some long distance just after few weeks to the disaster that happened in Kedarnath. A special train meant only for Armies halted on the platform before our train. I looked at the train and realized that all our soldiers, military persons and army men are in the bogie. They were looking at all of us and talking about several loopholes that our Government does not care about which can lead to loss of many lives on the platform. I felt extremely happy to witness that the army of my nation is so dedicated about their job and concerned about their fellow countrymen. Later, when the train started departing, I gave salute to that group of Army men and in reply to that, many soldiers sitting in different bogies saluted me. It was such a proud moment that I started feeling as if I was part of the Army. The gesture that they showed in reply to the respect that I gave them was enough for me to understand what runs in their body along with their blood. PATRIOTISM AND BROTHERHOOD!!!

           I was in Punjab at the funeral ceremony of my youngest uncle. Whenever I went to market, I used to find only Sikhs and Sardars as shopkeepers. I was loving the area as it was the first time when I was seeing a land fully occupied by Sardars. In every shop, I noticed that they had a photo frame which had one or many members of their family dressed in Army's uniform. Every family of Sardar has one young boy sent to military. That is why Sardars live with broad chest depicting the pride they have in protecting their nation. Every family has stories how they lost one of their young sons in a War against Pakistan. My uncle was himself an engineer in Army who lost his life in a calamity that happened at his own home at that moment. And I was feeling so proud of him that whatever years that he lived, he worked for the protection of my country, India. On this Army Day, I salute everyone who's protecting our nation and its people in any way. I am doing nothing for my country and its people hence I have huge respect for Army and I will have it till death. We love you, soldiers. SALUTE! RESPECT!



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Soulmate said...

During this chilling winter times, I do not feel like going out of the shelter of my room. But our Indian soldiers are braving the cold, standing under heavy snowfall and protecting our country.

Big salute to all of them.

But the main question that arises here is whether we really care for our jawans. Does the government provide sufficient measures to help our soldiers battle sub-zero temperatures alongside the border? There was a major discussion about it on a news channel yesterday.

Respect and salutations is fine. But our brave jawans deserve more than that. They need to be provided with basic amenities to survive in the hostile and tough conditions they face daily.

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