29 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Another Tryst with Celebrities!!!

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With Raghu is his car, Land Rover
   Attending any event that has several number of celebrities as its Guest Of Honours or speakers or panelists excites me that I'll get to see them. Though I would have seen more than 75+ personalities in my life but still the idea of being around them fascinates me. There is a lot of difference between just having a glance of these celebrities and personally meeting and talking to them. Every one of them share a wonderful perspective about life that helps you understand your life better. I have never attended a single event in life just to count the names of the people I have met in front of my friends and neighbors. I don't even share my experiences with anyone until they ask. I believe in rejoicing the moment myself, get motivated, come back and start working more hardly to conquer the success like them. 
Kiran Rao, just after interacting with her
  Recently, I was been called to India Non Fiction Fest for reporting it. This is a wonderful job as all I get is respect, attention and wonderful opportunity of meeting the great personalities and discussing my Blogs and their achievements. I loved the way Kiran Rao, wife of Aamir Khan, chatted with me regarding my blogs. She said that I'm the first blogger she have met and she'll surely read my work. Even Subroto Bagchi and Ajit B., CEO of rediff.com, said that the nation needs guys like me who'll be tomorrow's entrepreneur. Sneha Mehta, the author, was so excited to meet me. For all the time, she kept ensuring,"Are you really the same blogger who has Amitabh Bachchan's and everyone's comment on his blog?" I loved interacting with her. Later on, I met Amish Tripathi for the 2nd time and it was wonderful and funny when he touched my beard and said,"Ye sub kya rakh liya tumne, Abhilash" and I answered,"Jab tak aap pehchaan rahe ho, sir, tab tak sub sahi hai". Also met Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Islamic scholar, Sabira Merchant, actor and Minhaz Merchant, a wonderful author.
With Tisca Chopra, discussing her book with her.
     It was also a wonderful meeting with Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, author of Chanakya books. When he came to know that I have written 1000 Blog Posts in just 4.5 years, he wasn't stopping to praise me. Later on, I met Vithal Kamat, owner of 500 restaurants worldwide, who was very confident and bold. I loved discussing how a common man can grow richer and reach highest. I also got a chance to interact with the Biryani King of Mumbai, Jaffer Bhai, the owner of Delhi Darbaar restaurant. Even he was very confident and proud of himself. :-) Rana Dasgupta and Naresh Fernandes are also amazing persons to interact with. Their views on Delhi and Mumbai made me enjoy the interaction. Amazing authors too. 
Shruti Seth & Laxmi Dhaul posed for me
   On the last day of the event, I got 5 times the excitement than the first day. In the morning itself, I got a chance to meet and interact with actress Shruti Seth and author, Laxmi Dhaul, whose parents were very close to Gandhiji. We discussed Gandhiji's message in today's age. Later on, Tisca Chopra, actress, talked with me over-sweetly. When I said that she wanted to discuss her book with me, she said that after her session, she will give me all her time. And yes, she did. It was wonderful interacting with her. She took my card, touched it with her heart and said that one day she knows that I would be at heights. It was a wonderful feeling seeing her do that. I also interacted with Imtiaz Ali. She asked me to continue writing until I don't achieve in every sector of writing and not just blogs. I also interacted with Kunal Vijayakar, actor, but not much as I haven't seen much of his works. Later on, chatting with Rishi Piparaiya, the author, for more than 20 minutes was a very friendly talk where he suggested me what to do and what not to do with Blogging. 
While he was talking to me- Imtiaz Ali
  S. Hussain Zaidi, the crime journalist and author, was a wonderful person to talk to. Any question that I asked him, I got an amazing answer to it. He didn't ignore any question of mine. Let it be related to Dawood or Jigna Vora case or J Dey's death. He was always open to answer anything I asked. Loved meeting one of the best crime writers in the history of India. Vaibhav Purandare, another man whom I see with high regards, chatted sweetly with me. I discussed his books about Shiv Sena and Sachin Tendulkar and he was open for discussion. When he asked my name, he told me that he already follows me and love reading my tweets and blogs. What a special moment it was. A person whom I read weekly in Hindustan Times also reads me. Wow!
with S. Hussain Zaidi
    And last but the best, Mr. Raghu Ram, the Roadies founder, made me look celebrity at the event. The man has great personality and view about himself. He isn't scared of anyone. When I went to meet him, he was smoking. :-) When I greeted him and introduced myself, he poked me lightly on chest and said,"Oh, so you are that guy." After that he asked me regarding the book, gave me his bodyguard's number and said that he'll meet me after his session. As soon as the session ended, his bodyguard even escorted me out of the venue till the car of Raghu. Raghu asked me gently,"Abhilash, ye batao tum jaa kahaan rahe ho?". And when I told him that I have come from a long journey, he said that let's have a car ride and discuss things during the ride. I couldn't believe my ears and luck. :-) And those 10 minutes that I got to talk with Raghu in his car will remain life long with me. The amount of respect and affection that he showered upon me was unexpected. Haha! Thanks for the amazing moment, man.
with Vaibhav Purandare, a great columnist and writer
with Rishi Piparaiya, author of Aisle Be Damned
Kunal Vijayakar, just after chatting with me
Minhaz Merchant, Zeenat Ali, Amish Tripathi & Sabira Merchant

           In the end, I would like to thank you all for always believing in me. Because of my readers, I have got a portal that gives me respect and attention at such events. I don't have to meet these people as fans but as another person who's there because of his work. Thanks for all the support you have given me from last 4.5 years. I hope it shall continue till the end of this Blog.


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Wow, you had an awesome time. A memorable one! I wish I could have met Vaibhav Purandare. I read his columns and greatly respect the way he writes.

Anyway, how many autographs have you collected by now? :-)

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Keep on ROcking dude (y)

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If we encounter celebrities, we must talk about some of the things we may know about. Most of them don't want to talk about their celebrity or reason for their celebrity.

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