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Review: Jai Ho!!! Audience So!!!

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       Recently, I watched salman khan's latest flick, Jai ho, which isn't doing very well at the box office. There are several reasons which has affected the movie as of now. First, there has been no promotions as such plus even the songs of the movie didn't attract people's soul. There are some movies which the well-known superstars make not for Box office but just because they want to pass a particular message among people or it has been their ambition from a very long time. With Salman Khan and Akshay kumar, the problem is that people don't expect them to do a "Very good boy"'s role. People are happy to see them do nonsensical movies and that's what works for them. I have been quite disappointed with Salman Khan after watching Ready, Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger. They were something that I couldn't believe a Superstar with 25 years of career have chosen to do. But whatever, let's come back to his latest movie- Jai Ho which he has tried to make as if it's going to be another Taare Zameen Par but for me, it fails. 

            Whenever a movie which has a message imbibed into it, it has to be very careful that it does not turn extremely boring. A care should also be made that the message does not get lost or confused in making the movie look interesting. Therefore, 3 Idiots is known as one of the perfect movies ever made because it has a wonderful life-changing message in it, an educational satirical and motivational yet No. 1 entertainer. The same has been the case with Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai. Jai Ho couldn't provide the entertainment that is been expected from Salman Khan's movie. If you are making a SERIOUS movie-with-message, make sure that you make something like Shahid or A Wednesday. Purely serious cinema. Even that's entertainment for the viewers who love to watch such movies. But a movie that's been made seriously and yet there are some funny incidents happening like Sunil Shetty coming with a tanker at Express Highway all the way from the border just to save Salman Khan, the protagonist is a complete NO-NO for the audience. People were laughing out loud seeing such idiotic scenes. 

          The message that instead of saying Thank You when someone helps you, make it sure that you help 3 more people and ask them to do the same was repeatedly used by each and every character in the movie which made audience tease the movie by saying the boring dialogue in chorus with the actors. Half of the dialogues from Jai Ho has this very dialogue which is repeatedly used. You can not bore your audience by continuously showing the same thing. Right? Again, Salman Khan is shown as the only savior in the whole city. Whenever there's any problem, a call goes to Salman Khan and he comes running from any corner of the world. The inclusion of useless and too many characters has also spoiled the quality of the movie. It seems as if the whole TV world, Bigg Boss House, Sohail Khan's friends and Salman Khan's ex-co-actors are cast in the movie. Even the over-exposure of Salman Khan on television has made it little less interesting to wait to see him on the screen. The action scenes are also repetitive.

            Coming to the very few good points- Genelia D'Souza is wonderful in her cameo.  The picturization of Tere Naina and Tumko toh aana hi tha is wonderful. The work of the child actor- Naman Jain is once again, up to the mark. He is the only child actor whom I have found doing amazingly well in every movie. He is the best part of Jai Ho. Danny Denzongpa has also played a very wonderful villain. One of his best played roles. Daisy Shah dances amazingly in her introduction song. She has also acted fine. To be precise, bearable. In all, I would say that even if you miss Jai Ho, you won't be missing anything. Better watch Salman Khan's Tere Naam again than watching this. :-) 



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Soulmate said...

On the contrary, the movie name 'Jai ho' appeared in news many times on TV. Unexpected promotion! All for controversial reasons. Salman and Sohail were seen in interviews and debates, justifying Salman's act of flying a kite with Narendra Modi.

Today's viewers like to see a non-stop entertainer or a heart touching message delivered through a cinema. Even if a movie has been highly promoted, but if it has nothing solid to deliver, viewers are left with no option but to sleep.

My friends decided not to sleep though. When some of them started to doze off, others woke them up and together left the cinema hall. Myself included. My Rs. 150 ticket got wasted. Adding few more bucks, I could have instead purchased a novel !!

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