15 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Jo zimmedari nibhaate hain, jataate nahi :-)

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    The biggest deed that you can do in life is taking responsibility of anything. I remember when I was in school, whenever a teacher used to ask me to keep a check on few things that she would be needing while conducting a lecture, I used to be the first person to say that I am not capable of it. Teacher would smile at me and give the job to someone else. Later on, when I came in Graduation after getting matured, teachers again tried to give me some or the other responsibility but I kept myself away from it saying that I bunk a lot and hence I am not able to match up to the standards that you have set in your mind. But now, when my teachers ask me to take a responsibility or two, I agree. I agree because now I realize that its just a shameful procrastination which leads a personality towards disgracing itself. 

             Taking responsibility of anything is as difficult as saying it in 1000 people that you have a dream which is as high as becoming a Prime Minister and you will achieve it by the next election even though you know that you are nowhere close to it. I remember when my youngest uncle lost his life by getting electrocuted. All of us in the family got emotional at that moment and wanted to shower more love among each other than before. My mother said to me after coming back to our home that I should study sincerely so that I can take responsibility of his kids who don't have a father's shadow anymore. As soon as I heard this, I found myself under such a big weight that it took me just 2 days to tell my mother that I am not capable of doing this and she shouldn't expect anything from me. My mother was shocked with the way I directly refused to comply to her demand. Within 2 days, I started feeling as if a big pressure cooker has been installed in my brain which will explode at any moment.

      Taking our own responsibility is so tough that taking someone else's responsibility is the toughest job in the world. If someone wants to get their ticket reserved on IRCTC and they ask you to do the favour as they are busy somewhere else. If you say YES to it and later on, you fail in booking a ticket for them or even forget booking the tickets, you will stay in guilt for all your life whenever you'll remember that specific person or hear their name. If you say to your friend that I would be present every time you would be needing me even if you'll be wrong, I would come without thinking any thing just to help you; and a day comes when you receive a call and you are unable to leave your house at 3 AM because of your parental rule, you will never be able to look into the eyes of your friend again. Hence, before you promise anything to anyone, think 100 times.

          There are many friends who tell me that they promised their lover "Kuch bhi ho main shaadi toh tujhse hi karunga", the first thing I tell them is,"Go and say it to your partner the next day itself that you take back that big responsibility of marrying her without knowing the consequences and situations at that very time". My friends do hate me for such bluntness and insisting attitude but only I know what trauma they will go through when they'll find that the situation isn't in their control at the last moment and they will end up participating in a crime to prove how strong they are. Why to take such responsibilities that we are unsure about? If I say that I am going to write 365 posts this year, a post a day, it becomes a very big responsibility as a Blogger to prove it. Hence, I never make such statements. Not in the case of Blogging only but even in small things in life. If my father says that I want you to send a certain mail to certain company on a specific day, I write it everywhere so that I don't forget it. If I take responsibility, I actually use all my notebooks, tablet, mobile, laptop, email ID as a Reminder tool. 

           I would always respect a person who is taking responsibility of many things around him and fulfilling all of them. Even when you celebrate Raksha-Bandhan, you take a big responsibility of protecting your sister. And every brother knows how big and tough that responsibility is. A boy always have a part of his mind thinking about where his sister would be and with whom she would be. Even when couple decides to go for a baby, they take a very big responsibility to nourish a small child into a good and successful human being. I remember an ad by ICICI where the narrator used to say in background, "Hum unka saath dete hain jo apni zimmedari nibhaate hai lekin jataate nahi". And the biggest thing that you should crave for learning every minute is- "I will take each and every responsibility that is been given to me by my friends, elders, boss, employee, teacher, neighbour, relative etc". The day you will achieve this attitude, believe me, you would have won the world around you. :-)



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Soulmate said...

When children start taking up responsibilities, elders are quick to point out- "bachcha ab badaa ho raha hai". :-)

Anonymous said...

i totally agree wid u..

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