10 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

What my Grandpa's death taught me...

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   It has been exactly 6 years since my Grandfather has expired. My last tryst with him still remains in my heart as fresh as it was just the next day after seeing him. He was lying on his hospital bed looking helplessly unable to say anything with lots of tubes and salines inserted in his body to keep him alive for as much time as possible. But finally he gave up his living spirit in the 2nd week of 2008 leaving all of us without a matured and intelligent home leader. I am still proud of being his favorite grandson and I am sure that somewhere in the sky, he would be feeling very happy to see me write blog posts and read novels day and night. He never wrote but I have never seen a reader like him. Every time I saw him, either he was reading a book, gardening or tightening a screw or two of an instrument at home. At the age of 70, the way he carried off his day signified how rich he was mentally and in terms of knowledge.

         In all his 4 sons, I haven't found that fighting spirit or kick-ass attitude in any of them. I have never seen any of them working hard the way he did even at home. He helped his wife like a gentle husband, talked with his sons and daughter as the best father of the world and with his grandchildren, he was the most sweetest person of the Earth. I still miss him sometimes when I try to remind myself with the most mad and crazy reader I have ever seen. Life is too quick and workaholic to remember him each day but there comes some stages in life when you tend to miss a person very much. Every time I find an old man fighting with his age looking similar to my grandpa, I remember him and wish I could have spent some more time with him. I used to meet him only for 7-15 days in 2-3 years because he lived at Kanpur while we lived in Mumbai.

          Old-age is the worst stage in a man's life and we should keep planning how will we beat nature and increasing age easily. If we'll not, then we should be ready to die a bad death. People who drink and smoke should realize that these things are killing them from inside. It's not only them but there are many people around them who will get affected by their bad health or death. If not for themselves, they should at least protect themselves against such evils for their loved ones. People who know that their body is weak and they fall ill continuously, they are gaining weights or loosing the muscles should start exercising, jogging, cycling, gym-ing or indulge themselves in any of the cardiovascular activities so that they remain fit for a long time and do not die suffering but peacefully. Seeing the death of my grandpa closely, I have learnt just one lesson that I have to take care of my old age from now itself and I have already started preparing myself for my old age by exercising and saving money. :-) 

          May my grandpa's soul rest in peace and I hope wherever he is, he is proud of me. 



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Soulmate said...

Reading this post made me go back in time. I lost my maternal grandfather when I was in 8th class. He was a journalist throughout his life. He worked in Mumbai as a city editor of a reputed Hindi daily newspaper. Later when he retired back to his village, he continued his writing services towards a local newspaper. :)

I was introduced to Indian parliament by him. He watched it and tried to explain to me when I sat beside him, trying to understand why the old men in TV were shouting. When I played in the front lawn, he sat and wrote away in a small notebook, keeping a newspaper in front of him. His views were strong and more strongly he put them forward. Because there was a veteran journalist in the neighbourhood, people didn't dare to cross his path. Though he was honest and humble, he didn't bow down to lies and wrong doings. That die-hard attitude he carried with him till his last day.

I miss him a lot.

Ganesh said...

Grandpa Rocks

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