31 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha


1008th BLOG POST -->>

   There is something about New Year that fascinates all of us- RESOLUTIONS!!! Well, calling it Resolutions would be like insulting many of you so I better call it Resolution. Or you can read Resolutions by keeping the last "s" silent. Haha! But after 10 days of the first month passes, we realize that we are unable to retain the momentum we had in the last week of December the last year to start some new good habits in our routine. But somehow I changed myself from the year 2011 and started taking a calendar year very importantly because I wanted to achieve some targets in the specific 365 days. Seriously speaking, such challenging and disciplined attitude towards life came to me only because of this Blog that I maintain. I started realizing after 2010 that the readers expect continuity and regularity from only me in comparison to other bloggers. Reason: Normally Indian Bloggers publish a blog post once in a week or twice while there are very very rare ones like me who believe in writing.. and.. writing.. and.. writing. Some people call us desperate idiots to keep their Blog Counter moving on while some say that we do it for showing off. I have no targets as such. If it would have been, I could have completed 1000 posts in a year itself by writing any shits. But if you will check I have bunked for 15-20 days quite a time but as soon as I come in form, I post 15 posts in 10 days itself which keeps the average intact. With this post, I have completed 261 posts that's my best performance equaling 2010's 261 blog posts in a year. :-) 

           Coming back to my topic- Resolutions. I am not going to talk much as I already have a picture that will tell you almost everything I have to. Let's share it with you and then move ahead. 

           This is my dear diary which I use to note down all the positive events of my life. Every year, I write my resolutions and try to complete each one of them. The moment I achieve any of them, I mark a tick before them. These were my resolutions that I wrote on 2nd January, 2013. Today, I feel very happy to announce that I achieved almost 99% of them. The only three that I have missed are: I am done with Geeta but I haven't started up with Bible. It is again a resolution of this year too. Another one is completing the manuscript of my first novel that is my aspiration. Well, I am not sure if I am going to achieve this even in 2014 hence I will keep it due for 2015. Still, I will mention this resolution in my 2014 as you never know. :-) The last resolution that I didn't accomplish is winning a certificate from my college by participating in any of the events but I got "Babaji ka Thullu". :|

            Though I played Anchor in two of the events in college- Fresher's Party and Teacher's Day but didn't get any mention for it. Koi nahi, opportunity matters, reward doesn't. I also played Manager in a skit that took place in my class. It was another confidence-developing event for me. Another moment that I cherished a lot this year is celebrating my parent's 25th Marriage Anniversary the same way as I dreamed about it. Another has been that I mentioned one of the resolutions to at least meet or see a celebrity this year but I have managed to meet almost 30+ which made me feel quite inspired and motivated. Who thought that one day I would be called in events that make me eligible to witness such celebrities from so close. Honored! Another great experience that I am having is exercising in a gym near to my house. It has seriously made me stronger and tougher. My parents say that I don't look like a small child of theirs anymore. Haha! Now I look quite toned up and I am happy with the way my stamina is increasing every single day. 

             This is all that I wanted to share with all of you in the end of 2013. I have managed to achieve my resolutions on time and some times, before time. Lot of times have been used in the last sentence better I go before it's my time up. Haha! Seems as if only I laughed on my joke. :| Main sabhi beijjati ko bhulaate hue naye saal mein jaa raha hoon. All of you can continue doing whatever you want to do. Ok, sorry Salman Khan's fans. 



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Soulmate said...

Maybe my eye-sight is getting weaker.....but you have put a tick mark on 'Reply to all comments on blog'? :)

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Sorry Snehal. But I covered up with that email, didnt I? haha

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