10 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Drop The Attitude "Kal se Karunga"!!!

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          We all see televisions, surf Internet and listen radio. There's no problem in  doing them as even they are source of knowledge along with books, magazines, newspapers and other mediums. One thing that generally fascinates us apart from their usual shows are the interviews of superstars, sportsmen and other achievers. After we hear them speaking how they made most out of their lives which was as ordinary as ours before they came into the field, we want to repeat the same with our lives. We start building lot of plans and strategies in our mind during the break sessions or while the interview is on. It makes us believe that we are of the same potentials and we can also carry success the way they did. We become motivated and inspired all of a sudden. Thousand talks of our parents, five hundred taunts of our relatives, hundred suggestions by our friends, fifty free advises by strangers can not do to our will what a great one-liner quote or a legend's words can. Therefore, I suggest it to everyone to read biographies and autobiographies to learn how to lead life rather than wasting it every minute.

              When you get motivated and charged after listening to life stories of some of the prominent people of this world, you shouldn't just plan at the moment but start executing at least one of the many things that you have decided to include in your regimen. Because with time, the charging gets drained and our mind starts liking what it has been doing since a long time- lazying around and procrastinating. Life is just like a mobile phone, performs best when fully charged and starts showing dangerous warning once its close to exhausting. We are the only one who can make or break our lives. Breaking it only makes us poor in future which adds to complexities in life. And I don't believe that there's anything worst than poverty in life. Once you don't have money to fulfill your needs and wants, you start feeling insecure, ugly and inferior. Money matters before anything in world. I am not asking to be greedy but to be honest with your money and earnings.

             Hence, to avoid these adversities in future, we must follow a mantra in life,"I will never keep anything for tomorrow". Our attitude of "Kal se karunga" or "Kal karunga" sickens our whole life and the potential with which we are born. When superstars like SRK asks in an ad "Have I made it large?", it's definitely fake as it's done for a brand but that's something these people keep asking themselves every now and then. Achievers never feel satisfied and that's what makes them go beyond ordinary and achieve what seems to be impossible for others. They never leave anything for tomorrow. The day we will learn the fundamental with which they have conquered the whole nation and world, we will be what they are. It's not difficult to be a legend or a great personality at a national/international level if you commit yourself in completing all your tasks within a day time.

            Of course, there are few things that are done in parts which takes several days to accomplish the milestones and deliverable but that does not mean you will start dividing a day's work into days' work and show that you are doing everything accordingly. You don't need to prove a point to anyone. You have to do it for yourself. Anything that you do for yourself is an investment. What you do with a perspective of proving yourself to others never gets successful until and unless you realize that you were on a wrong track till now. Your parents want good for you but they don't know the 21st century as you do. Hence, you can not say that your parents didn't guide you. It's not in their hands. They can only pray for you and wish that you achieve what people don't generally possess. Hence, a request to all of you is- Don't leave anything for tomorrow. One day is enough and today is surely enough to complete all the tasks. Be motivated and show it every day in your routine.



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Soulmate said...

Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab..:)

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A must read 4 evry1... well said...:)

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