20 January 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

The Death of Sunanda Pushkar!!!

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       The death of Sunanda Pushkar has surprised all of us. Never ever would have anyone of us thought that something such drastic could happen with an eminent personality within few hours of discussion over a sensitive topic.. Everything was well few hours before and suddenly life changed dramatically for that particular person or say couple. People started estimating the cause of death but its something that shall never come out until and unless someone opens out the secret if its not a natural death. The latest report says that she wasn't poisoned nor an attack has been made on her. It's surprising that a controversy, reactions and then a tragedy- all takes place within the premise of few hours. Astonishing! We have assumed that nothing wrong can ever happen with celebrities regarding love, affairs and marriage issues because they have an approach that makes them change their partners every next month. Well, now we know that we shouldn't generalize statements.

              Few people say that it happened because we, the tweeples, passed jokes on her which resulted in depression that lead to death. If someone like Sunanda Pushkar, a lady who was been observed as energetic and excited towards living life can end it just because of few jokes that we, the non-value people made on her, I would say the statistics of suicide will, then, keep increasing day by day. Considering that the death is due to suicidal attempt, it's something Sunanda should have avoided. Shashi Tharoor has already been through 2 marriages while this was his 3rd. The previous two marriages has ended in divorce. Its evident that Shashi and those two ladies, decided to part ways because Shashi could not manage a heavy relationship called marriage. Considering this, Sunanda first of all, should have thought 100 times before tying knots with him or she should have been prepared for something like this. Because she has been quite positive while expecting something from this marriage, she got disappointed when she got to know about his relationship with Mehr Trar.

                 Now, everyone of us know that Mehr Trar is linked with ISI. There were many possibilities of big secrets been possessed by Sunanda as she read few messages of Mehr and Shashi. Someone can be involved in this mysterious murder but god knows, what's the truth. We, the common people, won't even come to know the real secret of the murder if it is, because the big names will burn all the facts. The secret will remain secret forever. No one knows about the reason of Sunanda's death. We can just hope that it's just a natural death and nothing else. A suicide or murder will seriously be terrifying to hear happening in that elite class where there's lot of literacy, intelligence and education been embedded in their personalities, past and experience. 

               Whenever we are in any relationship, we must make it sure that we aren't messing around too much. If we find that we are at fault, we should stop it then and there informing, directly or indirectly, to our partner. If we find that our partner is wrong, we should make him/her understand that we aren't liking the changes. We should make it sure that we are ending the worst in the first gear itself. If the things get resolved in a conflict or two, all is well. But if it gets out of proportions and we open our eyes then, it would be quite tragic for our present and future. There are lots of problem that's been discussed these days regarding people not taking the tag of 'married' seriously. They take out the issue of breaking up every time there's a heated verbal discussion. There's something called patience which is the first rule of relationship. People don't take it seriously and hence, such cases are been heard of. My deepest condolences goes out for Sunanda Pushkar, the one who's the most neat in the whole issue. Hope Shashi Tharoor gets strength to fight with all the media nonsense that'll take place now. 



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Soulmate said...

The tragic turn of recent events is indeed shocking. Just hours ago, there were smirks and gossips about the most trending topic on Twitter. Later the news of her unnatural sudden death was enough to shut up everyone. The last news that I heard in the morning was the fact that Sunanda Pushkar had taken anti-depressant drugs and maybe its overdose may have lead to her death. The bottomline here is if this is a fact, she must have been under immense personal trauma. The rumoured link ups of her husband, the media glare, Twitter abuses, all must have taken a toll on her. But it remains to be seen still, what actually caused her unexpected death. I just wish the truth comes out quick. If there is anyone guilty involved, let justice be delivered.

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So said.

Anonymous said...

It's very strange that the cctv camera was not working on the floor where her suit was located in such a big luxurious hotel. Hotel's staff must be in some kind involved, esp. those responsible for cctv. According to media report, Sunanda check in alone in that hotel on the 16th in room 342, later Shashi came with somebody to talk to her, and then changed the room and took the suit 345.. this somebody who was with shashi, his name is not revealed and the authoritiies are tightlipped... Investigators have to find out who was that person.
the room 342 was then used for Shashi's staff. Room 342 was opposite suit 345. This look like a big plan. Anybody who went in Sunanda's suit must have been somebody or some people known to her. Injection nr 10 on her right arm is a clear indication, she was injected some kind of chemicals which leave no trace. the person who gave her the injection could have also been a doctor, also the presence of lidocain on her dress..Perhaps the doctor from Dubai who stated she had Lupus, which other doctors denied. Also the presence of Alphrax in her room could have been planted from a doctor, may be a doctor already known to her..Shashi wrote in his Emails about the high concentration of potassium in her stomach due to coconut water.. Thalium is also similar to potassium. So, may be thalium was injected. Even so polonium is also not easily traceable... I feel in this murder mystery, minimum one hotel staff is involved, one doctor and 2 other foreigners with fake passport.
This was a well planned murder since days, i would say since that day she was admitted in that hospital for routine checkup.Investigators must check out all the mobile calls of sunanda and Shashi much before that day of 17th Jan.

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