25 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Gays are natural but their attitude isn't!!!

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     Recently, Supreme Court reinstated their law and said that being homosexual or involving in any kind of physicality in those terms is a crime. I was shocked to hear this news because somewhere, the democracy for which India is popular is been made fun of. I didn't want to write anything on this topic because there are many homosexuals and gays who read my blogs and I didn't want to hurt them. But since 1.5 weeks, I am regularly getting messages from my gay readers to talk about it. Some of them even said to me that I have lost the credibility that I used to have. I have supported gays through my blog many a times in past. This time I chose to be quiet because I felt that the situation isn't well to ignite any more fire in already burnt Lanka. But as usual, I am been made to write about this issue by the same people for whom I was refraining to write it. 

           Sexual orientation is one thing that everyone should have freedom of. Liberty is the best gift that a man can have. I know the moments when I was not been allowed to follow my own religion. That was one of the worst days for me. Even when I am not a religious extremist, they made me look like a fundamentalist. When in anger I stuck Lord Krishna's image in my room, my Non-Hindu roommates tore that pic in front of me and said,"Be in your limits or else be ready to die". How can I forget that confinement and restriction? Same would happen if someone will ask me to stop looking at girls or stop any kind of interaction with my girl. Come on! That's how I am, internally and emotionally. Suppose if I am kept in a world where only gays exist and I am asked to behave like them. Is it going to be possible for me, or say, you? No! Similarly, gays cannot survive among us, with us just because majority of us have straight sex orientation. 

           Some yogic master and religious people say that this is not something that's inbuilt in the hormones of the gay but a bad addiction and it can be treated. This is something very bad to comment on such a topic. When a person is in minority, we shouldn't let the specific person feel that he's from minority. We should respect him more than those who are in majority or with us. That's how sanskar is been given to me. If there's a person with 1 crore balance, 50 lakh balance and 50,000 balance sitting at my home, I'll offer juice first to the person with 50,000 balance. That will make him feel special and equivalent to others in the room. That's what I am taught since childhood. Hence if I'll find that a person is gay, I'll not ogle at him because I know he shall feel uncomfortable.

           It's good that all of us are born in the category that states the power of majority but we shouldn't let the minority look as if they are inferior. Being in majority does not mean that the class is superior. No! All are equal. Its just the matter of fact of quantity. If I am possessing car that does not mean one with scooter is below me. It's just that I got the opportunity earlier than him to conquer the zone that was yet untouched. May be tomorrow he'll directly purchase Innova with his saved income and then, my car will look like a baby. Hence stating gays as nothing in this world and specifically in our country is the most ill-treatment that we, as a human being, can do to someone for what they are. How bad we feel when we see someone laughing at the walking style of someone who's affected with polio? Similarly, it's worst when we laugh at a gay couple or a man with gay make-up. 

             There is something that even gays should keep care of. When a girl is seen in a garden getting smooched and pressed by her boyfriend, she is seen as if she's violating the culture and decency. And that's the truth. There are some personal activities that should be done only in closed rooms. There should be a limit to every thing. When a proper straight girl is seen as a whore by many in our country, how do you think that you would be seen as a proper person when you come out in a make-up that can be defined in just one word i.e. WEIRD? Even the boy who sits with the girl is seen as one who has no self-respect for himself and respect for his girlfriend. A boy is responsible for his girlfriend's image. It depends on him what he does. Similarly, you are responsible for yourself if you come in public and do things that are improper. Come decently in a well-dressed proper cloths. Next time if you come in your girlish avatar, then you shouldn't blame others for making fun of you. You are attracting others towards yourself to make silly remarks. You are gay, that's nature but you dressing like a girl, it's attitude. Change it. And I wish that Section 377 gets withdrawn soon and all of you are given independence to chose your partner. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think Abhilash, u r confused whether to support gays or not...
this article is your valiant effort to stay safe....

I strongly support the supreme court decision
there are certain things which needs to be curbed.
First these ppl are saying they are in love..LOve is not unnatural
OK! F9! Agreed! So now u want to have sex?
Why? There is a difference between love n lust.
Pls understand that.
I love my all friends but that doesn't mean I need to give them a blowjob to prove it.
C'mon, get over it.
We are humans and earthworm that we should be hermaphrodite
Heard of nature's adaptation...
if being homosexual was the need surely if could have adapted by nature to it but it wasn't case...

I might sound old school but sex is for reproduction and we human do it more often for pleasure. OK! thats good
but why with in sex... Are you that desperate???

Secondly, it's about your emotion
f9! be gay! you're life!
but keep your sexual orientation secret
it's personal
As Abhilash rightly said y u want to dress like a gal and move around...
Yes! I have a objection on that...
I don't want u to be a bad influence to the kids and few follow u later..
you're stupid, then be it. Y u want to promote it.
You're gay, you want anal sex...
go ahead.. do!
Y u want everyone to know it

U will say human rights!
F9! there are many ppl who love to have sex with their pets
let say allow them too! their love is true too...
Soon you will find ppl sending roses to their dogs cats and all...
there are few ppl who love there sibblings
allow them too, perhaps that's pretty natural n animals too do it.
this is not abt rights, freedom or liberty but it's about few desperate lustful suckers..

For the betterment of human civilization you need to sacrifice few... let them be...

asit said...

Awesome...jo bola woh ek dum correct..our country has this problems..

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