31 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And the year taught us some more lessons!!!

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 It’s time to say good-bye to the year 2013- A year that has been so fruitful and gainful to me that I will always mention it in the timeline of my life whenever I would be telling about it to my children or grand-children. I, as an individual, always take responsibility of my life but there’s only certain things in my hands to execute, rest happens the way it wants to. But I make it sure that whatever is in my control does not see an underwhelming performance. I am a human being and therefore I even fail incessantly but that’s what makes life risky and worth living. If God comes tonight and says,”My Dear Child, Let Me Tell You That 2014 For You Is Going To Be Throughout Success. Even If You Won’t Write Anything in Exam Papers, You Would Be Given Highest Marks In The University”, I’ll just sleep down for the next 365 days. Because it would be no fun in enjoying the success that you get without slogging down and struggling. Therefore, the main reason that the thing I love the most in my life is my Blog because this is the only thing for which I have spent many sleepless nights.

        There are so many things that I learnt in 2013 about being a better human being that I feel I am a better person who is going into a new year. And there can be nothing better than this to celebrate tonight than anything else. I have learnt how to deal with close people and how to knock those down who have been just toys in life. Friends are something that everyone in their life has. If they do not, they actually keep remembering those days in school when they had that particular boy or girl sitting beside them on bench which whom he/she shared some beautiful moments of life. But everyone needs friends. Many people disturb and spoil their life for friends while many use them as magic wand for success. You automatically identify the friends who wish betterment for you and others who pray illness for your life. There would be many who, on your face, would show how much protective and careful they are for you but actually, they are not. I have got this learning in quite an easy way this year. Accordingly, I have filtered people in my life and now I find myself smiling freely without any glitches or hatred for anyone.

       I have learnt a beautiful art from my mother called HELPING. Even when I am not related to someone and I get a call or message, I make it sure that I do something for them even if I am not able to protect them at unearthly hours. This year I made it sure that I help my juniors with their admission and I cannot represent you the happiness I had as soon as I got the message that all of them have got their respective colleges for next 3 years of life. I never do anything for anyone with a small mission of getting help back when I would need it. I have learnt something called “Self-dependency” attitude and I live by it. My friends often ask me that how is it that I don’t get stuck in something and call them for help. "How is it that you don’t need anyone’s help in this impossible journey called life?" And I reply,”I have the strongest mother and father with me. They are enough to take me out of any shit in life”. And after this I even ask all of them to approach their parents when stuck in some plight. They say that their parents aren't as open minded as mine but when I insist and they share it with them, they come to me and tell how supportive their parents have been last night after listening all dirty realities about their child.

          2013 has also shown me what failing after a long time means. At one point of life when you see only extra-ordinariness happening with you, you get into habit of tasting only success. And suddenly when rejection comes to you, you slip earth off your feet. I saw one such incident in the first quarter of the year which made me believe that no person even with all hard work and utmost dedication can only succeed. Time comes when God tests his patience and for that, he fails the person. I have learnt that whenever I would fail again in life, I will take it as an opportunity to get closer to God because that is what the almighty wants from us. Being near to God is the best that you can do to keep your mind serene, peaceful and happy in the times of failure and calamities. 2013 has taught me lot of things which I am sure can not be described in just a Blog Post. I hope that all of you had a wonderful year.



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Soulmate said...

I have taken a very unpredictable yet an ambitious decision of my career last week. It was tough and many friends openly criticized it. Called me a fool. But my parents stood by my side. My father is my biggest support. And thats why I am capable of taking my own independent decisions and come out of shit situations easily when compared to some people around me. They don't understand what is that inner feeling inside my heart that gives me so much confidence and self-dependency to face life in tougher times. The whole credit goes to my parents. They are truly enough to take me out of any shit in life. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Good that u are not from those who think that parents will kill us if we discuss our problems with them. Do pass this msg among ur friends too

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