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Virat Kohli- Reliable Rebel by C Rajshekar Rao (Book Review)!!!

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     It has been a long time since I have been away from books but finally, as my vacations have started, I am back to reading. I didn't want to start with a 300+ pages novel hence I begun reading one of the four books in a recently released series by Jaico Publication which is named- "Jaico Cricketwallah Series" after the column that Ayaz Memon writes. He is also the editor of every book in this series. In the first slot, the Jaico Cricketwallah Series has books on the life of Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. They are going to release more after seeing the response to these 4 books. Jaico is the only one publication house that comes up with such series. Each book is not even 100 pages which makes it easy to read about the life of these Cricketers in short. It's like reading a page of newspaper consisting on how they finally became Cricketer and an important part of the Indian Cricket Team. I am done reading Virat Kohli's life right now. He is been tagged as "Reliable Rebel" on the cover page of the book.

         In many ways, Kohli epitomizes the New Age Indian aggressive, sometimes brash but also a go getter with great clarity about what he wants. After making his mark at the junior level, when he led the Under 19 team to victory in the World Cup, Virat Kohli graduated into the senior ranks quite seamlessly and is now considered a pivotal player in the Indian team. He played a significant role in the 2011 World Cup triumph and has since matured into a consistent match winner in limited overs cricket and a highly reliable batsman in the longer version of the game. His brilliant fielding enhances manifold his value to the team. Rated among the best young players in the world today, Kohli's filmstar looks and dashing approach on the field make him hugely popular with both fans and brands. Not quite 25, he is sound on tactics, strong on fellow-player management and is already seen as the future captain of India.

About the Author

Ayaz Memon, one of Indias most prolific journalists, brings with him 33 years of experience in sports writing. He started his career covering sports and went on to edit newspapers like Mid Day, Bombay Times and DNA as well as magazines like Sportsweek. Ayaz was also sports editor for the Times of India and the Independent at various stages.

          Coming to the series, I am content with the way the first book has been written. It's good for the readers who do not like investing their time in reading 300-400 pages biography/autobiography of famous personalities. The book summarizes a Cricketer's whole life in just 96 pages which makes it easy to know the uprising of a Cricketer's career. Virat Kohli's career has been of just 5-8 years hence it has been easy to write about him in short. The way his Adelaide century is discussed shows how writer has focused on only essential landmarks which has changed a Cricketer's life. His moments when his father expired and he had to take decision to stay at home or play is beautifully narrated. Another USP of the book. The photo of Virat Kohli on cover page is very expressive. And also the synopsis is attractively written. Excited to read more books from this series.


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